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Not be happening vinyl record for the dogs fourteen and four J. black ninety five point five W. S. B. J. thanks troubled in Forsyth county or an extravagant date less than two minutes WSB meteorologist end of a five day forecast sponsored by Breda pest management they handle bugs and critters but obviously stormtracker radar showing that most of the fog and drizzle is near and north of I. twenty the heavier showers are in the mountains and edging into the Cartersville area is moving to the east southeast at about thirty miles an hour a shower coverage will be increasing between eight AM and eleven AM diminishing between six PM and eleven PM give or take a couple of hours on both the start and the stop the rainfall amounts so half an inch on average the next twenty four hours with isolated higher totals a two on the mileage meter today high near sixty six lows tonight fifty three to fifty eight tomorrow cloudy a shower thunder showers sixty percent likely afternoon eighty percent evening highs sixty eight to seventy four lows sixty two Wednesday a mix of clouds and sun high seventy six low fifty my exclusive five day forecast Thursday and Friday mostly sunny to partly sunny Thursday seventy eight Friday eighty five lows near sixty three recapping the forecast for today a two on the mileage meter some areas of fog and drizzle now showers becoming likely and isolated thunder late morning increasing by afternoon highs sixty north sixty nine south right now fifty two I'm meteorologist Kirk Wallace ninety five point five W. space six fifty one let's check that want to drive again still wide open market okay certainly.

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