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Budget call 855 57 creek today at simply safe we design award -winning security to protect every inch of your home it's easy to set up yourself and now there's have an even easier an option expert do it for you with simply safe pro install always protecting never a contract two easy installation options backed by 24 7 professional monitoring for less than a dollar a day any get new 20 system off with fast protect monitoring at simplisafe .com radio there's no traffic and weather on the 8th Mary DePompa in the WTOP traffic center already thanks Dan we're doing pretty well if you're on about we'll step back in picture but if you're interstate 95 in Virginia a couple of things to watch for now southbound in Fairfax County in fact just about under the Fairfax County Parkway exit 166 left lane blocked this is a crash but unfortunately we may have had the driver flee so now it becomes police activity with the crash the left lane block coming at it at speed there are no delays easy pass express lanes dew point southbound now if you take those southbound be advised where they would join in is in Stafford County and that is adjacent to where it crashes the right lane southbound will be blocked before 610 Garrisonville one went over the guardrail and officials are on scene that becomes a breakaway point for the main lanes not it's a big delay but you will pump the break southbound once you've passed the Russell Road and Quantico nothing northbound and that's it in the district DC 295 it is a work zone listener confirms after Pennsylvania you're still staying far right to get by and the crash was reported Pennsylvania Avenue southeast at 30th Street watch for police action this traffic report will be brought to you by Staples store provides innovative products and services for small business remote workers and learners even teachers and parents explore more at your local Staples store married upon the WTOP traffic thanks very now to seven news first alert meteorologist Jordan Evans a lot of dry weather this weekend and much better air quality too looking for pride events and the parade throughout

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