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Aware of that and the dead enough kid. He's got electrifying speed. He'll he'll take off or do you have to be aware of him trying to get behind us? So we're well aware of all of that. But again, it goes back to what we can control. And how we play our game for scandals. It's the same lower body injury dealt with after the Pittsburgh game or. Lower body injury. No, no. Yes. Thanks coach. I mean, you have to laugh, right? Is it the same lower body injury? You dealt be dealt with before. No. Is it upper? Yes. But you know, good luck getting any more out. It's very serious that we not tell you. Okay. The sabres in the Florida Panthers tonight. Mike Chopin the bulldog here on the Paul William belts pre-game show to the locker room, including a chat with the saber about to make his NHL debut tonight. Lawrence pilot. Stay tuned. This is WJR Jimmy White here. There's a lot to be said about feeling like, you're among friends and family sale. You'll feel when you shop at federal meets federal has more than just great food. They have great people. They suggest new things to try whenever I'm ordering food and helped me refine my culinary skills as well. When I get there. They love what they do. They love helping their customers as well. So when you go see my friends at federal meets, Nick, your friends, get some advice. Get some tips game day everyday federal makes it special that's federal meets players.

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