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Off to this myself. Cursing this evil trying to apportion my hate just to conserve my strength. I even make distinctions within the trump family. Don Jr. and Eric of course with the trophy hunting in this league hockey hair for eight people so being so office so repugnant but God Malania. I don't know if she's driven enough to be evil. Just give a crap about fitting into washes political ambitions Malania Lady Louis. Whatever Davis he just wants to stay in Manhattan shopping so I go over in my mind I say unlike every other first lady. Malania hasn't started literacy campaign but at least Malania hasn't started. An anti is literacy. How this homicide cancer eating his. How mad we all were Mitt Romney his Binder Women Only so mild myth Ron nine missing so minor compared to trauma. He's like a com- elder statesman and John McCain what did we John McCain on my own war hero and Ronald Morning in America Nixon towering intellect Foreign Policy Strategy. Midi should get a posthumous Nobel peace prize. This is how crazily our minds are thinking. Now the other day I found myself thinking fondly about Jeb Bush Shou rush all the rage we had about those hanging chads man if only Jeb Bush were President. Did you hear it? I just said I said if only Jeb Bush were president only Bush President Bush number forty three a barbara and the girls are all right but we need to do is focus. Think Midterm Elections Ladies Midterm elections? And in the meantime we should get knitting for that March. Okay let's go. Let's get I've never met before. This'll be fun superfan okay. So here's the Pussy had pattern. We're doing okay. Let me get my glasses traceable. Just poke the needle into the center. Go diagonally right loop yarn counterclockwise. Twist lift roll over and done see. That's your first under the do the difference between left and right. Ding Dong the door opens Maryland. Enters her head wrapped in a cream scarf? She's carrying large conspicuous accusing glass. Bottle of Kombucha tea. I just want to say right now. I'm on a three day. Sugar cleanse so I am not drinking a fantastic really great. Yeah coming Oh my God Oh my God oh my God. I have gained so much weight since the election here in my belly. Drop fifteen of a recession hips. This is entirely Komi Andy. One Percent Komi Halloween candy. You remember how companies letter came on. Friday and Halloween was on Monday. So we're there was the entire weekend to sit around with five pounds of fun size. Butterfinger weekend you know. I'm still angry what you want. Okay you know so. That's all that really matters that's it? We've got trump as president and all she cares about his benches fat. Some more wine.

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