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No room for prejudice but today the commander in chief decided there is no room for patriotic transgender americans willing to serve their country in the us military years reimposing the ban lifted by president obama major garrett begins our coverage of what's behind the decision and the fallout the president's tweets sounded like new policy see the united states government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the us military but it caught the pentagon and congress completely off guard the white house could not explain what it meant for the thousands of transgender individuals serving now press secretary sarah huckabee sanders did not provide a timetable for implementing the policy obviously it's a very difficult decision it's not a simple one that the president feels that it's the best one for the military but you can't answer the question of what's going to happen to transgenders who are in the military now shouldn't you have been able to answer that basic question policy of this magnet look i think sometimes you have to make decisions and once he made a decision he didn't feel it was necessary to hold that decision were ending the bear the obama administration lifted the ban on transgender military service in june of 2016 then defense secretary ash carter transgender americans may serve openly and they can no longer be discharged otherwise separated from the military just for being transgendered estimates of transgender individuals in the military range from 1300 to 15000 in his tweets this morning the president said their continued service would burden the military with tremendous medical costs but a 2016 study found transgender individuals who may opt for gender reassignment surgery or other procedures would add one tenth of one percent overall military healthcare spending during the campaign candidate trump said he would fight for the transgender community l g b d is starting delight donald trump very much like i won't i today he nordic question about the policy carey john mccain chairman of the senate armed services committee rejected the policy implied by the president's tweets writing anyone who meets current medical and readiness standards should be allowed to continue serving anthony major garrett at the white house thank you major it was on this day and nineteen 48 that president truman declared that all members of the armed services would have equal treatment and opportunity regardless of race colour religion or national origin transgender service members say they deserve the same here's.

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Chairman, John Mccain, Ash Carter discussed on All News, Traffic and Weather

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