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Chicken. The acting i guess. But it's it's important for us to go in there and really understand their their process and because the system we have like i said touches multiple levels multiple departments. It's a pre. Erp right so that's working with a lotta different apartments and people in. It's our job to to show them the path forward in. It's like yeah because it's a institutional change. Maybe you have to take a step back for implement this but here's our implementation plan which we will nail with you because we know your process. We know what we have to tie into. We know who is involved here. And we know who your vendors are and it's our job to eliminate or limit the friction associated with with adopting a new system like this and it's our job to integrate with things. It's not our job to sit here and say here's your software. You guys are awesome later. It's our job to behooves us to to him on a client focused approach right. We're doing period. And if we can nail that and repeatedly nail that That's the reputation want and starting with the process like starting with the initial phone call. Starting with like this is building trust and then you build trust to get to these process meetings right. Yeah but once companies willing to do a process meeting in they understand what were there to do usually have before the process. Meaning what's understand like. Hey he's got a really here to help and are not here to make a quick buck like we know like that trust is important in establishing it is very very difficult but keeping it is also something that is difficult and that is something that i'm really i love. The opportunity to keep doing is constantly earning. Earning clients trust through Just knocking things out the ballpark with armies programming team. Who always in you know they overdeliver and undersell what they can do and it's like they give timelines on. We're going to get this features done at this time. And it's like tolerantly these features man and it's like shirley gonna done in a week. It's like okay three days later like hey can you do. Qc qc qa. Because i was about that. Tuesday i remember sitting there in my previous roles and all that stuff whenever you like in this new software come in whether whether it was off or whether it was this whether that was always like i felt like majority of the time they were trying to create a problem in your organization that you didn't have necessarily have but they have a software to fix it but you have so they there's is a false problem or false issue creation. And that's why you need this. You know what i mean. It really started with a partner.

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