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Hunter. But tell you what, Marty in April week. Pardon me. We just arrived over this bad incident that happened through the overnight It was a fatal accident with nine injuries. As a result, Southdown 25 is shut down right now between Happy Canyon and Castle Rock except 1, 85, the Meadows Parkway exit. We are hovering over this. It's absolute gridlock. What a disaster! This is and folks If you've got to travel south your best bet. Well, you have to exit obviously Happy Canyon where they're directing you up, and then a lot of folks going over to 85. Here's a good way to remember it. Go over to 85, then simply take 86. Now that's a little east of Castle Rock. Yeah, You gotta wind through Castle Rock, but at least it will return you to. I 25 so remember. It's simply 85 86 downtown Denver. It's a real cluster in its own right. There was an accident earlier just before sunup. North down 25 past 20th. They got that cleared out. The backup started moving only to find construction is taking place at the start of morning drive at the ramp to eastbound. I 70 as a result, North down I 25 back way past Sixth Avenue and we're going to be reporting on this. I have a feeling for half the morning drive now the rest of the major highways which you whichever you choose. For your path to travel this morning. You're in pretty good shape with no big accidents are stalls to hinder your drive. This report sponsored by Mattress firm their best Memorial Day sale ever was extended for limited time shopping safe now for up to $500 on top rated mattress brands like Celean, Sleepy's.

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