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Week, but Brendan aronson, Tyler Adams, I don't know, I can think of other names, but I can't right now. They all play in a pressing system day in and day out. So for them to feel comfortable at times with the national team, you want them to do what they're great at and what's natural to them, then there are other players like a western McKinney who don't play in a high pressing system. Day in and day out. So I think to have those moments for them to be able to sort of jump the game and get involved and attack the other team and force the play. I think will help psychologically as well as on the field. A couple of chances created off that. You think the early one for Jesus Ferreira, he tries to go back post his palmed away. There's another one where they sort of create some chaos and Aaron long heads it back through and I think that one came back to Ferreira as well from the foot of Brendan aronson. But I'm with you in the sense that it's a change up. Maybe change up the wrong quote unquote pitch like analogy here. Maybe you're talking about like a knuckleballer who's like, all right, I actually have 90 in the bag that I'm a hit you with, but I'm only gonna throw out 5 times a game and only when I think it's the perfect timing to try to create a chance or two or three out of a situation where we might not normally have been getting those from you in a disrupt your attacking play. Charlie, what did you think of the two half approach from burr halter and what you thought? What you thought he was trying to get out of this game? Well, I think it was obvious to everyone that they wanted to see those fresh faces. We wanted to see Haji right want to see Malik Tillman, you know, I think a lot of people have been chomping at the bit to see Joe scally, obviously he came in as a left back and not a right back. And I just don't think that's the best position for him if he wants to get a shot on the national team and I think unfortunately for him, the right back depth chart is deep. So unless he can improve considerably from the moment he goes back to Germany till the World Cup basically can't. I just, I think it's going to be really difficult for him to get out on this team. We talk about into Robinson. Charlie, can I just back up? Can I just push back a little and say, left back is his best spot because his versatility is what gets him on the plane, right?.

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