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This would be the place in the right? To do it especially Spago, and they have a lot to raise for two because they're only a couple of points ahead of apprecia- in the manufacturer's standings. So they wanna break out something big. This would be the opportune time and probably meanwhile is basically going to be just hanging on to get to the finish line. Now, that's not where they wanna be. Because like I said they are just two points behind him in the manufacturer savings and only six points back in the team rankings. So Sunday would be the perfect opportunity for them as well to shake things up a bit and take some serious momentum into the offseason by besting KTM. But that's gonna be a really tall order because Alisher Spago is kind of atop Tim writer here when he doesn't have any issues and that might help especially in terms of the constructors standings. But when it comes to the team competition is gonna need some help from the guy on the other side of the garage. And I'm not quite sure Scott reading is going to be up to the task, even if he does have a totally awesome repaint scheme. I think both of those bikes are going to have a totally awesome paint scheme for this race. Some not expecting much out of a really I think based on past performance here. That Katy of the riders not surly the bikes that KTM has a much better shot of holding off appropriate in both the team and constructor points. So those are the manufacturers heading into this weekend's race. Now, it's time to get down to business and talk about the contenders. We gotta start with Marc Marquez. And you know, Mark may only have one victory in Valencia. But that should not temper your expectations of the two thousand eighteen champ this weekend. He's never never finished off the podium emoji peac Shen in the season finale, and you've got to keep in mind that more often than not he hasn't needed to push extraordinaries. I mean, it's kind of been more of a perennial victory lap in front of the throngs of hometown fans. But here's the thing when it comes to Mark this weekend. Yes, he's definitely in the same position. He's been in in the recent past where he's already won the title. He doesn't really have a reason to go out and win this race. I get that. But unlike those other years, his main competition has always been Horia, Lorenzo and Dan. Hippodromes up Lorenzo not one hundred percent right now. Dany Petrova not one hundred percent for a different reason right now. So that means it's up to Yamaha and sukey the put up a fight. So a speed on his side momentum on his side and not nearly as much competition as he normally faces in Valencia marks rider to beat. He's the one everybody is going to be targeting a moving onto the second place during the points on trade of its yo so and this is going to be an interesting weekend for him because he's coming off a disappointing performance. In Sapang Valencia, though offers both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is clear. He's got outpace his and Dukakis performance in the past here Dovy has Valencia podium, but that was on a Honda beyond that he has four top five results in his MotoGP career only one of those came onto Kati. It was a believe a fourth place back in two thousand fourteen but this is also as we alluded to earlier when we were talking about to Kati a big opportunity because a strong finisher would not only make up for. Sapang? But it would actually I think propel the organization forward in both confidence and direction because it would confirm what we saw out of Dovy and the bike in places..

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