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And trump's issue she's trying to save the world by making a better place and cleaning up the world and trump's doing the opposite now I'm sorry Obama was bombing the whole world Jennie bomb every country in the world that's what the MSNBC were set would say if it were trump hi let's go to goes red I don't ever play the sorry I think I was in Chicago and Greta went before Congress she's a teenage girl she's not old enough to drive in her home country and and she had a prepared statement in front of her and the prepared statement began I am not here to read a prepared statement and then she continued reading from the prepared statement which she said she wasn't going to do because she read it from her prepared statement I have not come to offer any. Pat remarks at this hearing she's reading this off of the document I am instead attaching my testimony. it is the I. P. C. C. special report on global warming. and five degrees Celsius the S. R. one point five one point which was released on October eighth two thousand eighteen that's their projection one point five I am submitting this report who cares as my testimony that's not your test is I don't want you to listen to me I want you to listen to the scientists all right I'll do that from now on you can go now thank you let's go let's go to our president trump president trump's at the United Nations today and he is speaking in front of the green wall I always want to give a speech from that green wall you know just for fun I don't know why exactly I think ever since north by northwest the offer Hitchcock film but I've always want to give a speech from there I don't I don't wanna give a speech any place else I just want to give the Congress joint session of Congress I could do that too right let's go to just for fun I got a few things to say I'd like to get off my chest. our president trump all right what is it where does this begin let me see president trump begins where. oh wow okay begins at thirty sound bite number thirty let me jump ahead I was going to president trump at the United Nations just in the last hour where he gives them a lot of what for and then we got a little gym Acasta Jim Acosta is upset he thinks that president trump and is low energies calling in low energy jab and Jim accounts it's your well I'll say Jim a cast of that here is the president telling the truth through this gang of terrorists and anti Semites what I hear yesterday day past twenty seven things condemning Israel in the last year and only three for the rest of the world. they hate the Jews that's why the left loves the United Nations because they hate the Jews to even the Jews hate the Jews of the Democratic Party it's amazing I here's president trump this morning at the United Nations given my he's been helping the truth is plain to see. if you want freedom. take pride in your country. if you want democracy. hold on to your sovereignty. and if you want peace love your nation. wise leaders always put the good of their own people. at their own country first. the future does not belong to globalists. the future belongs to patriots. the future belongs to sovereign and independent nation. to protect their citizens respect their neighbors and honor the differences that make each country. special and unique. I think is I have a little trouble with the teleprompter today it might have been a lighting thing and the chamber and probably people seeking to sabotage into now going to the United Nations and saying that is like going to Planned Parenthood and giving a pro life speech because these people are the destroyed the world coalition because they come from deep hole countries overwhelmingly and they want to plunder and steal everything from countries like like our beautiful wonderful great country and if you say no well then you know you're the bad guy right what you know you gotta get up early to compete with us you have to adopt free market capitalism and you have to allow your people to be free so that they may achieve and be rewarded for their achievements and prosper we incentivize success instead of misery and failure and death and all kinds of bad thanks president trump so there is I mean independent nations the differences between our nation that's exactly right I love the fact that Sweden is sweeter show not Afghanistan although it's turning into Afghanistan and that France is French yes I even love the fact that France is French Spanish Spanish Mexico is Mexico Japan is Japanese it's wonderful Canada is America's hat but that's another thing right president trump going to them and saying sovereignty of nations this flies in the face of everything that they worship the god of internationalism the god of Davos you can't go to the United Nations and say you believe in nations even though it's the United Nations but they don't believe in nations they really don't know then illegal aliens take a little thing that illegal aliens because they're illegal and we have laws Democrats don't subscribe to laws except as they apply to their political enemies and then I like to apply them correctly and unfairly president trump the United Nations in front of a green wall a short time ago to anyone conducting crossings of our border illegally please hear these words. please do not pay the smuggler's. do not pay the coyotes. do not put yourself in danger. do not put your children in danger because if you make it here you will not be allowed in. you will be promptly returned you will not be released into our country. as long as I am president of the United States. we will enforce our laws and protect our borders no no no you say they don't want to hear that not whatever country they're from they believe that in their country but but let it the the it's a gang of jackals that have been looking to tear the United States apart for decades and now that they have one of our two major parties on their side in their camp leading the charge to destroy the country now they feel empowered they feel that not long last I have a chance to take down the United States of America and that is an effort that is currently on going and like all Qaeda they don't have shortened and isis and radical Islamic jihadists they don't have a short term plan they've got a long term long term plan president trump on socialism boy they hate this and Bernie Sanders I assume they're gonna as Bernie Sanders about this one of the most serious challenges are countries face. is the specter of socialism. it's the record of nations and destroyer of societies. you mention that as well remind us all that socialism and communism are not about justice. they are not about equality. they're not about lifting up to four. and they are certainly not about. good of the nation. socialism and communism are about one thing only power for the ruling class. today.

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