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And welcome back to coast to coast. We're back with John Hoge prophecy expert on the occult parapsychology mysticism and prophecy as well. He's considered a world authority Nostradamus, a bestselling author or a couple of his books include beyond alt-right all left and Trump strike Syria and career with a question Mark there, and John is back with me. He was one of our main guests in Everett Washington a little more than a week ago and just took the house down, John. Welcome back. Yes, it's good to be back again. So soon after after ever it that was fun. That was myself there. We've had John sing a little opera stuff because he's an opera expert, and they love that. Yes. They did. It was it was a good audience and a lively audience and sold out audience to John. Well, good. How you've been in the last week since I last saw you well kind of trying to absorb actually we ran out of China with so many great things to talk about backs last Saturday. We ran out of time to talk about the the most important thing. I wanted to talk about and so I'm really glad that now we can talk to millions about this one hundred people I eight hundred people because. Remember back in April of twenty fourteen when I started I I gave the big alarm war coming up. Well tonight, and it's ironic that I'm saying this on April Fools day because I was gonna say don't trick us now. No, it's not a trick. I wish it were. I let me just preface. I wish it were. But it is. It's something is going to be the most significant alarm that I've ever ah now. And all boy in the entire time. I've been doing readings and prophecy all of that. It is something that I've I'm still trying to absorb. I'm even at times still going through processes of grief about it. So that I can go through that. And be ready to fight the fight for the future. But it is a it's something that I have been seeing kind of in the distance as a potential that. I hope would never come to the forefront. But after being involved with studying the science of how the civilization is impacting the planet's eco-system since nineteen seventy three there are developments that have happened scientific reports. Inter now coming in that are sort of indicating a thing I've done since I started writing about in nineteen eighty three. And that is I always found that I I've been very accurate about saying, what is really going to happen opposed to the science, and I have many books and articles to document this. That it seems. And I used to kind of judge myself about this. I'm always going after the worst case scenario, like what am I an alarm this or something, but you know, saying to myself in the mirror because the science was always going with the best case scenarios, and and the biggest scientific organisations were doing that. But you know, since we have little time, and I'm certainly going to write about this. I have books that I was supposed to do five years from now that I'm doing now that I have after after this realization. So a lot of things we're gonna say tonight are I definitely can back it up with the science and the sources, and I promise anyone who wants to read further into this that I will have that all for you. But I'm just gonna come down to the bottom lines to start and the situation is that the reason why I've been accurate is it science to get its funding. Most mainstream science has got an its funding not by being alarmist. Actually, they lose funding if they do that. So a lot of climate change deniers think that's why all the scary stuff has been out there, but actually the mainstream the IPC and other major science organizations get their funding in part because I contend they are always low balling, whatever their their findings are to the best case scenario. But the thing I had to grip is the worst case scenario is the scenario and back in I think we did a show about it back in November eighty nine maybe it was later. That's when I wrote about it. I wrote a passage I became inordinately concerned about a development where whatever little gram of extra carbon that we're putting into the balancing system of the part of the world. It releases naturally a lot of CO two and the part that she.

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