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Access to the new public park but just actually crack because what cracked so if you will of what up and i was with the snow melts maybe but usually go snow showing the choose to that i wish no shoe you're probably there's there's no limitations no no in my cricket understanding here's a utility substation on the property there's actually any down su or live station let's say okay on the property and there's ease men's for the utilities that go to that live station and i assumed that there is a public access to that we yeah we've got that that you know the courts in you get that's weird but that's of rollie small amount right but thirty eight of thirty one anchors is definitely down excess but by the pub public there are fences um still around that that you know we'll have to address in open up um towards the overall north park there is some conversation between you know the partners on a developing a public access ease meant that would just defined what type of access you know because they don't a conservation ease minute you know they want to limit vehicles an for will errors in snowball bills in yeah right those things so you can run your back from will or across a place but there is public access absolute it may be limited to not motorized on access but to say that there's no public access to sf actually incorrect correct okay we gotta call for it okay fishbowl you have a question for gush yes a this is called up sort of assuring community plan trespassing and i just be it in the way you know i'm out i i think that everything that you is pretty accurate i would just go to clarified accounts rationing minutes.

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