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Person is dead. And up to ten or hurt in a shooting outside a bar in south bend, Indiana police say it happened around two this morning outside Kelly's pub on Michelle walk avenue. Fifty to one hundred people were at the bar at the time of the shooting, and the search is on for five men who pulled out guns and rob ten people in a bar on Chicago's northwest side. It happened just before twelve thirty yesterday morning at the bar near Polaski and west George Street, that was twelve thirty yesterday morning, one of the robbers, fired his gun at a wall. No one was hurt. You can sign up for regular news updates and breaking news alerts. WBZ NewsRadio slat dot com slash alerts. WBZ news time Teno eight. It's time for traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by Kenosha Subaru. Here's Julie krona's. No delays on the Edens. Kennedy inbound is slow approaching the burn interchange, twenty two minutes. So here into downtown twelve from the junction express lanes are eight out bouncing. Blow up now nigga Harlem out to the airport twenty two as well. No delays either direction on the Eisenhower. Or the Stevenson, Dan Ryan, inbound is slowing of eighteenth to the burn interchange. Twenty minutes ninety three to downtown, outbound still fifteen to ninety fifth. I fifty seven no delays Bishop, Gordon Bunder slow past one hundred eleven to the Dan Ryan outbound clear lake shore, drive, north and southbound looking all right. Northbound on the tri-state at willow merge, cruiser bugging, two left lanes for a car fire. That's on the southbound side at willow. This car fire is blocking the two left lanes as well. No delays on the Jane Addams Ronald Reagan Veterans Memorial tollways, and no problems in and out of northwest. Indiana until you get to the Indiana toll road. They have roadwork delays in both directions between Indianapolis boulevard in the West Point toll plaza. If you see something on the road, you think we should know about give us a call. The WBZ Murphy and traffic. Tip line is eight five five seven eighty road. Get traffic and weather together on the every ten minutes News Radio seven. Eighty one zero five point nine FM WBZ AccuWeather forecast. Humid, with clouds and some sunny breaks today.

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