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Here's a prime example of somebody who's college-educated herself should know better. Mom and Florida enter daughter toured full sail university in Winter Park, Florida is a for profit private university. So I looked it up. Was formerly a recording studio in Ohio. Named full sail productions in full sales center for the Recording Arts, they moved to Florida opened up a university there, and that's what they do. They do basically they've offer video and film. Production degrees, whichever this young lady wanted to go into mum alone. Took out one hundred and sixty thousand dollars were the parent plus loans, which are getting repaid it more than six hundred dollars a month. And that's what it takes to pay the interest. Interest-only she's in touching the principal. Because of that the loan balance is now up over two hundred thousand dollars, and she'll be paying on those homes probably for the rest of her life. That is not a very wise investment. I'd call that big business not education. Yes. Well, there's a lot of for profits out there, you know. And and evidently, they 'institutions are doing the same thing. I know, but you're getting taxpayer money and. At what point though, don't you? Sit down and say to yourself. Is this worth taking out one hundred sixty thousand dollars in loans, if she ever going to be able to make the kind of money necessary to repay it to realize that well in this case mom's a social worker, she makes fifty grand a year. I mean, you can't take out that kind of looming. You'll have any hope of repaying it and in no real hope of getting that kind of money on. Made those loans so easily gotten well, you can thank people on the hook forever. Yeah. No kidding. By forty time for traffic and weather together. Let's get you up to date on the drive once again..

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