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Democrats weren't Puerto Rico celebrating something I don't know. Maybe they're celebrating the shutdown the congressional Hispanic caucus campaign. Arm is bringing together the biggest group of sitting lawmakers to ever visit a U S territory with that visit to Puerto Rico. They are there strategizing and raising money several area congressman joined together at O'Hare today to once again highlight the government workers impacted by the walkout of the shutdown. It should say congresswoman, Jan Schakowsky. We could end it today. When we go back to Washington we tomorrow and save our country our economy, our people the pain that they are suffering now from the shutdown. I say pay the workers and the shutdown congress returns to Washington today for its first full week of legislative business since the Democrats took control of the house. The man is accused of kidnapping Wisconsin team. Jamie costs and murdering her parents is set to appear in court this afternoon. Jake Paterson being charged with two counts of homicide and one count of kidnapping sentencing today for the man. And accused of the shooting the gun that killed a DEA Pendleton in two thousand thirteen years WGN's Ryan burrow among those expected to speak at the sentencing hearing Pendleton smother who's been outspoken on gun violence since the murder of her fifteen year old daughter days after she performed at then President Obama's inaugural McKay. Award faces fifty years to life in prison for pulling the trigger. He confessed to police that he was the gunman, but his attorneys later argued the confession was coerced convicted getaway driver Kenneth Williams says yet to be sentenced Ryan burrow, WGN news. Here's will be on the auction block today. The bankrupt company seemingly has one viable option to stay part of the retail landscape Edward Lampert. The chairman and former CEO who oversaw the company's descent into bankruptcy is offering to buy out the company for more than five billion dollars. But not everyone likes that idea including some Sears creditors. We'll check your money sports, traffic and weather next on WGN joined WGN.

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