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I don't think so. I mean this is. This is the the last of the building up to go before we get into the the big showdown essentially exactly during the doctor in the valley iron and the ultimate foe and yeah every each side has made their case. And now it's gonna be a the preliminary the fittest i guess. Preliminary bouts are over time for the beta. That yeah okay. So favorite quotes. Do you have any favorite quotes. I not necessarily a quote okay. It's more of a moments a when the doctor and mel are talking to the commodore think i explained to him. What's going on and nelson something like you've got a murderer on board or killer on board or something and the doctor just gives heard this look like like looking from the common or mel like she said it. You know you your way. Kind of like you know toward mel. Yeah yeah like that issue down there. It is and that. That's that's what we're looking at. So what you wanna do. You found yourself in like to. I got a couple. Commodore travers talking about mel to the doctor. Where he says you know. How long have you known this and the doctor. Replies a time is apparent comparative concept. Commodore i thought that was good and The doctor and melody talking where the doctor says you better leave me to cope with this. Melanie's like you. The doctor says this is a situation that requires tax in a finesse. Fortunately i am blessed with both yes. That's a good one. The last one the doctor with commodore travers again doctor says why is it. None of you can see what's so glaringly. Obvious and travers shoots back well maybe lecture divide insight all right so what you rating for this story like i said this is this is not my favorite of the trial clumps. Everyone call them. I think i do like this. One's slightly better than the other two although i do like mysterious planet but in mind warp is good to it. That's hard goodness I guess it really putting you on the spot here. Sorry yeah yeah it is But i as much as it is a off. Repeated plot thing the whole you know murder mystery agatha christie thing is kind of fun especially when you. You're watching it for the first time and you're like ooh who did it you know. That's always fun to see. If you can figure it out before they actually tell you and this is still rewatch -able even after you know who did it is. I think i think a good sign of it. I just i really liked pip and jane baker as as writers they. They're good at what they what they do. You think they captured the hollins. Your doctor the best. Yeah yeah. I think so. I think they capture him and his personality and even with a different campaign in obviously markelle the rani's with a perry story But they still get the doctor companion kind of relationship dynamic really well so i think i'm going to give this eighteen and a half debtor seeds. Ooh pretty high then right. Well i'm a little under you on this one I liked it better than mind. Warp same as mysterious planet. So i'm gonna give this one seven out of ten screaming mel's.

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