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Asked him to this is Fox News. This is an announcement for all people who wanna take a risk free challenge to whiten your teeth in five minutes by calling now, you can get your teeth in five minutes using clinically proven Power Swabs risk free. Challenge is for people who smile has been yellowed by coffee, tea, red wine or smoking, Power Swabs five minute. Challenge is available by responding to this advertisement. If lines are busy try again because the Power Swabs five minute challenges. Exclusive? It's not available in drugstores Power Swabs was formulated by Dr Martin Giniger and whitens teeth with a patented tooth detergent and whitening agent. It's so affective. We challenge you to try it for five minutes to see how white your smile could be get it risk free. Dial one eight hundred three three one thirty to seventeen that's one eight hundred three three one thirty to seventeen transform your smile into. A you look great smile. Dial one eight hundred three three one thirty two seventy. That's one eight hundred three three one thirty two. No an ad from dad just this one line. Right. All right, here, we go save money on car insurance when you. It's not the Mike. This is the Mike here. Okay. Save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive is too close. Sorry. I don't know where to stand. Nobody's told me where to stand. Progressive cat. Save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurance discounts not available in all states or situations. You've got all kinds of hustle. Get the job done hustle and get the kids out the door hustle. If you've got hostile. We've got your back university of Maryland University College a respected state university with ninety plus programs and specializations and more than seventy years experience serving working adults, Mike, you that includes rolling admissions to help you get started, and you could get credit for your career experience, affordable courses, and no cost. Digital course materials for most programs and the flexibility of online classes to fit your busy life. If you've got hustle university. Maryland university. College is made for you start the new year with a new you resolution now is the time to start earning. Your degree at university of Maryland University College a state university founded for working adults undergraduate classes start January fourteenth. Visit you see dot EDU slash radio. That's UM UC dot EDU slash radio certified to operate in Virginia. Chef. This week. You'll find great deals at Walgreens now with card buy one get one free on hundreds of vitamins and supplements through February twenty third save on great brands such as nature's bounty, vitamins and more and sixteen ounce. Blue diamond almonds are just five ninety nine with card. Get great deals on the essentials. You need right here at your neighborhood. Walgreens. Walgreens, trusted since nineteen o one of equal or lesser value. Restrictions and exclusions apply. See store for details. It's time for your TV tip off. Friday. It's the Hollywood walk of fame honors with stars being presented celebrities, including Mandy Moore. Kristen bell, Michael boob, way and faith hill. See it Friday at nine eight central on the CW Sunday award season kicks into high gear with annual Golden Globes hosted by Sandra. Oh, am Andy Sandberg see the Globes get passed out starting Sunday at eight seven central on NBC Wednesday. It's the premier of schooled. A ninety cent spin off of the goldbergs starring AJ mishawaka, and Tim meadows. See it Wednesday at eight thirty seven thirty central on ABC sandwiched between new episodes of the goldbergs and modern family, and that's your TV tipoff on iheartradio. Basque? Alexa, play six thirty K. How on iheartradio then you can hear Fox News update. Only our getting six thirty K Tom from iheartradio Denver's talking about it. You'll hear it on six thirty K. How? This is the troubleshooter show. Tom Martino, the troubleshooter. Welcome to the show. Yes. Yes. Yes. The only show of its kind. We're here to solve problems answer questions. Take your complaints.

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