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Hey everyone welcome to the flop house. I'm dan emiko roy. I'm stuart wellington and i'm elliot kaylynn and we are yup. We don't normally do it that way but that's fine now. We're doing this from a special location. That might be a little bit of surprise to anyone who didn't listen to the opening go on on we're at college in richmond indiana where dan and stewart i met as we leads to tiny. Little guys was two two years less tiny now. I believe the story. Is that dan you were the president of the nerd frat and stewart. You're the president of the party frat and i wasn't the president so much as like the guy that kept chained in the basement and pulled out only for special events. There are no greek houses on this campus but <hes> uh there's no there were definitely some freak houses. That was cool yeah so we'll we'll stop doing early specific civic chatter and we'll get into a we actually on this podcast which is all business when he's alone he wants to look professional in front of his former college student student colleagues and i have to the audience assumed crusty dean that was always mad at you feel like i feel like dan's wardrobe has been auditioning reasoning for like a college professor job long yet judging by your wardrobe dan. I think you work here yeah. Every every time you look in the mirror like a wonderboy or the listener at home i have a cardigan and a high of cardigan and a tie so dan what we do on this podcast other than make fun of you know that's it we watch a bad movie and then we talk about it. In in this case we watched as we said in the intro jurassic world fallen kingdom sequel to jurassic world the kingdom's doing okay and of course there was the prequel jurassic wrestling world building a kingdom we just dive into this and we might not even seen the first one though right well neither either view. Neither of us are the original draft which i know as a dinosaur boy. That's an issue and i wish i had seen it. Is that how you identify dinosaur wisit dinosaur boy tarzan boy. I mean i don't i don't like labels on the spectrum. I guess that's where i fall. I have dinosaur boy tendencies. Okay now dress world dressing park of course as regular listeners know was a very important movie to me. It's how i date. All human history is that nineteen ninety three for me is the year one j._p. And every year before that is dated as b._j._p. Regressive part and every year after that is a._j. After drastic arc so you'd think i would have gone to c. jurassic world but for some reason it just didn't seem to have the same magic. Let's roll fallen. Kingdom recaptures that that magic being a questionable grasp of how dna works we begin at the site of the doomed jurassic park and then also doomed. I'm dressing world theme parks. That's why we're all the first one is was so dumb to me that they were like. Hey remember that theme park that never opened because everyone got eaten leads open avenue and we'll put it in the same place so run is lavar guys. Regular joes were inside a submersible bathysphere. The arizona what you're thinking as stewart's that were watching it. James cameron is involved that loves undersea exploration and they are looking at an underwater site where they find the skeleton of dominance ominous wrecks the super dinosaur from the last movie and they take its tooth in a scene that involves a c._g._i. Saw cutting into a c._g._i. To it really bothered thirties yeah i think i think it was all c._g._i. And it's like saws and teeth both exists later on in the movie we learned that the tooth collection part of the film is not for d._n._a..

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