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And the solution is not too complicated. We know what the solution is to protect the First Amendment The Church and state separation of church and state. Most everybody knows that the case, even abusive by not letting you go to church, but what what? What about the The medicine. And I can date in history win. A lot of things went wrong on medicine last hundred years, or so where it was always assumed that the government should be involved, and now they pay for, and they control so a thou- she you know he's. He's government you know and and. Even though he might argue the case government and they're promoting it, so it's the fact that there's too much government in medicine. Put together, and this is what they give us. They give us this monstrous thing where. We're medical care. They tell you you can't take Clark when it's bad for you, it'll kill. You might turn out at that. It did turn out the two articles that scared people to death about using it had to retract their articles, and that means there was too much combination. The government is really unless it's very limited is really most of the time, not our friend there too much of a policing operation, and that's where the real police. Big Government. Yes, you need a lot of police. If you believe in an empire, you need a lot of world police and if you need to do. To tell people how to live, and you have to have a lot of police so i. don't like the police in essence. The police is okay when you're somebody that needs to settle a dispute, and when there's something locally, but there was never an intention to have a world national police cooperation that we have today, so they're unauthorized in everything that pleasing activity that was going on with corona virus. It was unethical, immoral and it. It was certainly unconstitutional, and all it did was make things worse. It did not save lives, and probably led to a lot more people dying from it, and the people need to wake up to this, and now that is subsiding. Maybe they can take another a more objective. Look at what's going on, but anyway liberty is the answer to our problems, and we need faith and confidence into an understanding of how it really works. WanNa. Thank everybody for tuning in today to the Liberty Report. Please come back soon..

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