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Oh that's cold that's you know you don't. WanNa be that old ever but that will be. You have a good constitution. You've got strong jeans. Yes I know. Hundred and two years old beating a pandemic and then pounding appear. That is very on brand file. Old Lady Val Porter though. Yeah although by then I might drink something else knows I change every once in awhile. You kind of navigate the alcohol highway you just you can do your ear off and you go in another direction for a while and enjoy you know what. I mean to this now and then I went. Wine is my thing. I went through Let's see beer phase than whiskey sours then Bod cranberry then back to beer and wine. Just I mean I told you about my scotch based don't don't ever do Scotch. Yeah Scotch will kick your ass Scott Johnny Walker blue be good. He'll built drank a bunch that one night. My neighbor left him in my house bills. Can I drink this? I'm like I'll head and he got rock on that stuff. I think when you're in your thirties. You have this idea of like what an adult is. And you're like well now. I'm going to be the guy who drinks Johnnie Walker. I'M GONNA BE I'm GONNA drink with. Yeah Johnny Walker Neat Poor for black red. Let's do it blue. Yeah I got a little extra money. Now I'm an adult and then you throw up in an alley and you're like you know what I don't like this. I don't like this this people on TV and movies and they're just drinking straight liquor and they don't even Lynch like I wish I could be that person and they very rarely shown wanting on on madman right. It's like they're drinking water to kill us. Also one that will get you there quickly. The alley kills like cocaine for me. Man. Just I go right to Isis Holler in mom drinks. My Mom Drinks Tequila. Yeah because she's impatient and she wants to start the party and she doesn't want to wait a long time to get their stuff to do. Well if you are brave enough to take a vacation this summer and you're thinking about heading to the beach. Dr Beach Dot. Org has released the annual list of ten best beaches in America Number Ten Beach Walker Park Kiawah Island South Carolina number nine is Coronado beach in San Diego Coastguard Beach Cape Cod Harpoon. A Beach State Park Big Island Hawaii number six cal. Dc Island State Park in the Dunedin clearwater Area Lighthouse Beach in the Outer Banks. Duke Kahanamoku beach in a Wa who coopers beach in South Hampton is number three number two ocracoke lifeguarded beach in the Outer Banks Number One Grayton Beach State Park in the Florida panhandle beaches in the country. I'll depot.

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