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New Toyota's Hyundais and Subaru's Does it fit small dot com Transparency You can trust Dave Tilden. W T o P Traffic You can get through the Friday traffic. You've got some great weather for the weekend. Live to storm team for Amelia Draper. What do you have for us? Well, just beautiful weather out there this weekend, Shawn. I mean, tonight, temperatures are dropping quickly with our sunset time tonight at 502. We're currently in the fifties and sixties across the region, and we'll have loves tonight in the forties and low fifties. Now we are going to see some falling developed late tonight on into early tomorrow morning, and the fog will burn off by the mid morning hours tomorrow, and it's most likely in southern Maryland and areas by the water. Tomorrow over, although a repeat of today mostly sunny temperatures, warming into the upper sixties and low to mid seventies, more fog and spot Sunday morning, mostly sunny skies overall upper sixties loaded mid seventies. This is all thanks to an area of high pressure that will continue to bring us really comfortable temperatures Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday, there is the transfer some rain. Currently across the region right now. Wrong, Phil. Coming in at 59 degrees Burke coming in at a cooler 56 McClane coming in at 61 already. Thanks so much, Amelia, it is 6 11 on double. Election 2020. We are still waiting to learn who the next president will be. Ballot counting continues in five undecided battleground states, with Joe Biden leading Donald Trump in four of them. Biden and running mate Kamala Harris are expected to address the nation later this evening on The Washington Post. Robert Cost, a moderator of Washington week joined us earlier to break down where we are We started with the feeling.

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