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In, the summer of eighteen sixty pro Italian demonstrations filled the streets of Naples though the Bourbon regime has governed the city for centuries they grew afraid as they watched their Power Ping in real time the impending arrival of General Giuseppe Garibaldi and his revolutionary forces only served to turn up the heat. Garibaldi was coming for Naples next and the regime worried that their days were numbered. Things divulge further when the city's entire police force was scared off the streets by the mobs. Instead of acting decisively, the Bourbon regime charged one of their ministers with handling this issue that minister was Liborio Romano, a statesman and former Italian patriot to resolve the fallout from what had happened with the police Bramante made an odd decision. He put the Kamara in charge of policing the city. Brahmana claimed he gave the Secret Society Job so that they had the opportunity to redeem themselves whether this was true or not the public accepted. His explanation change was everywhere in Naples at the time and the sentiment was that the Kamara should have the chance to remake themselves. But Romano's reasoning could have been ally one possible theory for his flexibility with the Comoro involves a secret society connection of his own according to Historian and author John Dickie Romano was a freemason. Freemasonry is an order focused on both secret ceremonial rituals and community focused acts of charity. If Romano was a freemason than the Secret Society of the camera might have reminded him of his own group. Ramana would've known about the society's rituals and codes, and while the Comores traditions were quite different from those of the freemasons perhaps Ramada thought he could mold the group into a more civic minded society whatever his intentions Ramana was unsuccessful in changing the `Camorra for the better the minute he made them police officers endowing them with the power of the state. The COMRIE ST began breaking the very laws they've been hired to uphold. I they used their status to broaden their extortion rings. It was already difficult for Neapolitans to being down by the comrie St in the past. But now that the extortionists were police, uniforms, refusing their demands was impossible despite the increased funds the Comoro wanted more. So they used their new powers to turn Naples location on the Mediterranean into gold. Usually when crates of clothes and spices arrived on the waterfront customs, officials would go through it and Levy a tax on imports. But when the Comoro were the ones receiving the import officials weren't allowed to collect taxes. The camera even prevented them from inspecting the cargo itself. Their new powers made for a very profitable summer for the `Camorra and very ruinous summer for the government's customs revenue. But a bigger change was at hand when General Garibaldi arrived in. Naples on September seventh eighteen, sixty terrified bourbon royal family fled their palace. This allowed Garibaldi to take temporary control over Naples without resorting to violence citizens paraded through the streets in celebration and the `Camorra held their breath wondering what Garibaldi is rule would mean for them. They needn't have worried while Garibaldi built in new government for the people of Naples. He allowed the Camara to remain as police officers. This was in part due to Liborio Romano at first he was kept on as part of Garibaldi cabinet and despite the Comoros many crimes Romanos still apparently viewed the society as reformed so it only seemed natural to keep them on as. Of the law meanwhile the Comoro continued masquerading as law enforcing police officers while gleefully extending their corruption behind the scenes and as Garibaldi government began restructuring neopolitan politics the Comoro discovered even more opportunities to enrich themselves in the wake of Garibaldi takeover a coalition of politicians governed the Kingdom of Italy. They believed that the right to vote should only go to men who owned property and so participation in politics became a privilege of the elite since the Cameras D. sought to align themselves with people in power, the society's bosses realized that they should influence as many politicians and elite voters as they could. Politicians quickly realised that the Comoro had the power to sway elections their way as a result, they started promising protections for the Secret Society in exchange for votes. It was a vow. The society was happy to uphold sometimes come wristy even doled out beatings to voters who didn't support their chosen candidates. This would be disruptive enough in any voting system, but the `Camorra didn't stop there when the society favored a member of parliament to they felt could be manipulated. They watched his every political move. If he did something, they found threatening such as making a speech that hinted he might crackdown on their power. They followed him home there they whistled eerily outside his windows. This was their warning and it was all they had to do to remind their favourite politician to stay in line while tactics like these made the Comoro of force. In Italian parliament, it also earned them an enormous amount of unwanted attention that increased scrutiny would ultimately hinder their schemes. Up. Next one man makes it his duty to stop out the camera forever. Listeners I have a surprising nutrient for you. You know you can find love and a bar or on an APP. 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