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In a storm swamps in Orland streets and paralyze traffic yesterday as concerns grow that even worse weather is on the way a possible hurricane that could strike the Gulf coast and raise the Mississippi River to the brim of the city's protective levies the storm is associated with a broad area of disturbed weather in the Gulf forecasters say is on track to strengthen into a hurricane by the weekend the system is expected to become a tropical storm by tonight and a hurricane late tomorrow a second federal judges refusing to let justice department lawyers withdraw from a lawsuit over the government's plan to put a citizenship question on the twenty twenty census form of federal District Court judge in Maryland says he cannot fathom how would change in the government's entire legal team could avoid having some affect on the proceedings in his court unless the justice department can assure him of an orderly transition this judges overseeing a lawsuit separate from the case that went to the Supreme Court in which opponents same putting the question on the form would amount to discrimination the former Palm Beach county state attorney is disputing labor secretary Alex the cost is account of why he signed off on a secret sex trafficking plea deal involving now jailed financier Jeffrey up Steen Acosta insists the deal in which Epstein pleaded guilty to lesser state charges of Florida was the toughest he could have gotten at the time and he said prosecutors were working to avoid a more lenient arrangement that would have allowed esteem to quote walk free he's a fat man and then he needs to be put away but very Christian who was in the office at the time says the cost is regulation recollection is completely wrong he says a lengthy indictment was prepared but was abandoned after secret negotiations between abstains lawyers and Acosta when you think of fast food chicken KFC or chick fillet probably comes to mind first McDonald's wants to change that franchisees say is southern style chicken sandwich should be the chain's top priority McDonald's of course sells chicken McNuggets and the mix chicken sandwich about franchisees note that they do not compete in the premium chicken sandwich category with either a grilled or crispy option all rights it was on chicken wars on loans it comes of fries thanks Jan twenty two minutes now after the hour on this morning America's first news eight out wants to remind you to never drive into a dust storm but if you do get caught in a dust storm it's important you know what to do once you've pulled off the road your seatbelt on take your foot off the brake set the emergency brake and most importantly turn your lights out why because if your lights are on other drivers may try to follow.

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