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How did we get here? Glad you ask Carolina shooting fifteen of thirty five from the floor at only forty two point nine percent. But defense is Carolina's getting it done holding pitches. Six of twenty nine shooting. That's twenty point seven percent, Pittsburgh has zero assists. And if it's not for the free throw line, Pittsburgh is really in a world of hurt. The Panthers have knocked down ten of fifteen at the charity stripe. But Carolina still leads forty five to twenty three the heels seven of eighteen from three point land. Cam Johnson has three early triples as this. Kobe white. Those two players have combined for twenty six white with fifteen points Johnson with eleven Luke maye, Scott seven points and six rebounds scarce and Brooks has five points, five boards, two assists, and two steals. Kenny Williams has yet to hit a field goal. He does have a rebound in a starting role for Carolina up forty. Five twenty three on the Pitt Panthers. The tar heels cashing at eight of eleven at the charity stripe and in the battle on the boards. The tar heels plus six twenty seven to twenty one Carolina only six first-half turnovers pit has turned it over eight times. You're leading Panthers score Johnson who has eight on three of six shooting over two from three point land to of two at the stripe and again with no assists for the entire team Johnson. Obviously a place where he has resided in mightily so far this year are scored the break has Carolina up on Pittsburgh, Forty-five Twenty-three. This has been the Wells Fargo halftime.

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