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Thank you god bless you and your family that says senator john mccain senior senator of arizona reacting to the emotional speech very nervous speech it appeared by senator jeff flake a big moment for for him up by the way he might of when he was telling the duty and honor and conscience he might have also mentioned conservatism a jeff flake has been ever since he came to washington one of the most conservative voices in the us senate he has a lifetime american conservative union rating of ninety three percent unlikely like senator mccain he voted four repeal and replace every time he has voted with the president on virtually everything where there's been occasion to vote because he has been a loyal and very conservative republican what he has done is spoken out forcefully he wrote a book we had him on the air to talk about his bookable called the conscience of a conservative reflecting a title used by another arizona senator barry goldwater whose seat jeff flake hopes in any event it's an emotional moment and it raises a question what is going to happen with this election and the democrats i'm sure licking their chomps in saying look with the terribly bitter feud between bob corker who said horrible things about the president a far far worse thing jeff flake has said and bob corker sniping the president the president's sniping bank had bob corker with both corker and flake leaving the senate uh the democrat suddenly or feeling confident should they absolutely not leave should take a look at the difficulty they have raising any money for their candidates which indicate of how desperate the party is they also are trying for impeachment which is ridiculous idea and will lead them to a call to sack they've also planned a mass scream in as a means of protest we'll get to that and your calls coming up one eight hundred nine five five seven gene 76 michael medved show eleven seventy the answer casey beat you.

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