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Ralph northern says he won't step down after admitting to dressing in black face. I have thought about resigning, but but I've also thought about what Virginia needs right now. And I I really think that I'm in a position where where I can take Virginia to the next level it it will be very positive. He gave his only television interview to CBS this morning co anchor Gayle king it will air tomorrow morning CBS's Ed O'Keefe on the governor's choice. Clearly, he's bound and determined to stay and there is some evidence this morning Virginians at least half of them may be okay. With that. What I thought was interesting though, is that he still clearly hasn't come up with some specific plan on how to move forward. Negotiations have apparently broken down to try to get a deal on border security. The deadline is Friday when funding will run out triggering another partial government, shutdown North Carolina, Republican congressman, Mark. Meadows on President Trump's options. I do expect the president takes some kind of executive action. A national -mergency is certainly part of that. There are a few other things in his toolbox that he could use. But I do expect him to do that. If we don't reach a compromise. Seattle is getting socked by snow yesterday. Storm dropped over a foot in some areas. And there's more on the way Bob Oravec is with the national weather service. Looks like another round of wintry weather is coming more or less on Sunday night into Monday, not to be fall by yet. A third system Monday night into early Tuesday. So let's pretty pretty wintry over the next few days across Washington in the Pacific northwest. Tonight's grammys. We'll be star studded CBS's Steve Futterman has a preview from Los Angeles..

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