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That he he phrased systems all phony all a ali working that congress handles like well of late for the early working for with you for remaining absolutely absolutely ohka are so. Let's talk about this particular Deal okay so how did you guys find like us through. How'd you finally What was the negotiation. Kinda like the numbers and stuff. Kind of walk us through this particular. Do yes this particular deal was actually a deal. The are originally hit on so we were pulling lists in oklahoma absentee owner high equity And she's the va connected with this particular Seller in the property. We actually contacted ron. He wasn't interested in selling but she said i have several properties that i love to talk to them about so called her within like an hour of our Tong sewer in. How long hovers asian learned ton about you know her situation. Everything she had been through there was a lot of years. Familial insured families transfers it museum by extremely even at all offer because you know he passed away on axis zero lot. Three months like originally from her And yeah you agree or the point where could or horrible offer any sort of similar. I only time like hauling. The taxes citizens playing solid hugh saying have here but ultimately four wrote that she had purchased out a sheriff's sale but they were her on rules. Angela's ordina had another team. Was we got out underground. Pictures light you know. Here's eating his. We were provided a lot of but but we knew based on the numbers. The numbers really basic workout. The a twelve and a half off a Defining in buyer who we may find into poverty are assignment he for for all who was twenty dollars. That's nice yet still ended up being like amazing but it was really tough at a deal almost album heart light highs off but it was one of those things that one we got grew like halfway to the process in sort of saw how we can provide to the sellers who have been contacted contacted by multiple investors but everyone the situation off. Hey look located know. Most people rely on you know hikes work grew is all like all on that were heave. There was a lot more on the out. Silver run right right. Well like workers yet like four thousand dollars in back taxes about a thousand dollars property. We are touch with a chance so he was able to light may on the she actually get rid for relying wrong. All this will of combination. i mean. i'm heard anything had you know Things like just a lot of ways they were able to. You know riady young also was was was. Were being that. The property be able transferred for the ink fire hearted buyer as well. You know we don't want to have to deal with a tax lien. We don't wanna know they didn't want a little bit weird know. A alternate deal was wease cheese attracted Inaki paid off tax off on mount garden or had in a in a room. You know attracted out of the deal. And then it was taken care of title so she walked away with twelve and a half but ultimately funded was enough to cover that of art sign. He gotcha so let me ask you As crazy deal Lot of moving parts to it. So did you guys kinda Split up roles like it was richard. Okay i want you to handle this. Part are i'm handled as part degi split. Those rose up your big time. Because she's a better communicated a lot of times oklaho- she leaves say role of most negotiating with the other female salom women opposite exactly level and i'm dealing with the guys who's on ground checking the house out doing section and we're on the new stuff about the property of days of it was easy. We had a really really nice at home in who was basically is years down there. It was more than we could have asked for me no didn't sound as like an.

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