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Right at Donora three. Oh 3722229. 5 803 6 to 83 70 or D, r H I calm. Told 0.4 seconds left to go in the basketball game. Portland would need a three pointer to tie it. So here's always the squirrely question that no coach ever does. Do you foul before? Damian Lillard gets a chance to shoot a three. I mean, if you ever get it wouldn't vote that strategy it be against this team. It would still give you a one point lead. Here we go. Carmelo Anthony looks in Throws it into Damian Lillard Lillard, guarded by Austin Rivers 10 seconds to go. Here's a three Mister. Wait a minute. They call the foul. Austin Rivers is so livid about that, and he wants them to challenge it. And they will crowd just saw the replay. He did nothing. Absolutely nothing. This bad boy needs to be reversed, like he did his best to move away from him. So here comes Eric Lewis and Sean right over the scores table. Let's see if they have enough guts to reverse their own call with eight seconds left to go. He has a hand check on the hip and then nothing After that. Certainly nothing. Man, This is called us. This is called a serious right here could be now There is still a 0.4 on the game clock. But that was a gift of a call. Damian Lillard. We're taking. They don't want to be wrong in this situation, So they're looking for any little thing not to reverse this call, but they're also gonna be dealing with a hostile environment. Not that anybody's gonna storm the floor anything but Across the borders. Game clock at 9.8 is the first thing that Eric Lewis said. So they've switched that and they're not even gonna bring in Mark Lindsay, the third referee, So let's see what the call his here. This better be reversed. Well, let's hear it. Whenever you're ready, I have reviewed the charges are successful. We have a file quietly together, side out, so the challenge was unsuccessful, but it was a foul prior to the gather. So this is going to be a side out for Portland. They gotta do it all over again. Then I swear I would. I would foul him before he had a chance to take a three. He is that good. Nicola Yokich is gonna check back in. John Michael Green will go out and the coal yogurts will face guard Carmelo Anthony. Alright, Here we go. 9.8 seconds to go mellow, inbound half court circles. Damian Lillard is gonna try and tied up with the horn. Five seconds to go. Lillard for the time. Got it. Three seconds left to go for Denver in Belmont. Morse. He takes it from half court. Missed it at the horn, and we've got overtime in Denver, and I'm telling you foul that guy before he has a chance to shoot it. It's just such a risky thing to do. We have a time out and over..

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