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That more and more people are getting sick with COVID. Some are even ending up in the hospital. Michael Correspondent George is with CBS News medical contributor Dr. Celine Grounder. The number of COVID cases is edging up nationwide. Hospitalizations jumped more than 21 % in one week this month. Vaccinations are up because COVID transmission is up. But who's actually getting sick enough to end up in the hospital? It's the elderly. So people really 70 and up are driving most of that almost the entire increase that we're seeing in vaccinations right now. A Hollywood studio and some academic and hospital settings are requiring masks again. COVID outbreaks have canceled classes at public schools in Kentucky and in Texas. We're expecting the next round of COVID booster shots to come in the next two months. The state of West Virginia is allowed to restrict abortion pill sales after a ruling from a federal judge. The makers of the abortion pill, Mifepristone, argued that West Virginia can't restrict a medication that the FDA has approved as safe and effective. The federal judge wrote in his opinion that the Supreme Court made it clear that regulating abortion is a matter of health and safety upon which states may appropriately exercise their power. West Virginia's Republican governor Jim Justice signed a near total abortion ban last year. We check in this afternoon with W TOP's Neil Augenstein. You may remember Neil was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer last November after taking one pill a day targeted therapy and surgery. Neil has been cancer -free since April and this week Neil says he had a scan of his brain. He tells us why. Yeah, Anna and Nick, it's fairly common that lung cancer can metastasize to the brain. That means that a tiny amount of the original lung tumor breaks off and stays in the bloodstream and eventually travels to the brain. So the MRI that I had on Monday was to make sure that wasn't the case for me. The MRI itself is painless, although to tell you the truth it's my least favorite scan. It's kind of claustrophobic and loud. Obviously it's important and so it was a relief when the results popped up on my phone showing no evidence of spread. What great news there for WTOP's Neil Augenstein. Absolutely. Which local restaurant has the juiciest burger? You voted and the results are in for WTOP's top 10 contest. Go to WTOP .com and search top for the full list of winners. Quick look at the top stories we're working on here at WTOP. Lawmakers in Virginia say they have reached a budget deal that includes cash payments to taxpayers, 200 bucks for individuals, 400 for couples. The Fed chair says more rate

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