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Thanks for your call and ask that white size looks viable jimbo our number one eight six six five five four six two six as we look at a much of course with this book is not just the miracle of new orleans but it does brian kilmeade notes look at andrew jackson the man and perhaps you shed as much light on andrew jackson man the military leader the president as you do on the actual battle itself and if he was i wanted to do is is i want to inspire people that understand even back then nobody gave a man anything there were no parents or relatives to plough the ground for and america look i answered this guy needs help is a young kid he has no family we're going to raise them we're gonna we're gonna get into college if he shows that he can be us when we're gonna have to win it we can't handle will put a bunch of another relative it will make sure he's okay and jackson and says saying you know i got no pamela i'm going to become a criminal i'm going to become a bit town drunk instead he should i'm determined to matter i'm gonna make an impact and he did it by becoming a lawyer and they're taking cheese a lot of people in their money back then he would take land he beginning to acquire land and start growing their land a working out lander they became a senator congressman have you want to give back they left and then by the time he becomes a majorgeneral the militia he's blair well respected the area and by the time he comes back uh from the war from the battle he's the most famous person in the country and are what your listeners understand i know you think it it doesn't apply to you today but if you talk to some of the people in the first generation of americans fighting our second war of independence they knew that america was the only land of opportunity it was a big caste system around the world the royalists system and he's an example of a cell they guy that's white these sculptors and porch and and painters had the meet andrew action before he died it's why fdr said i'm in leg braces i spent most of my day in a wheelchair well when it comes to going in the.

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