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City, here's Michael Barr. Tom Paul, thank you very much. House speaker Nancy Pelosi continued her tour of Asia in South Korea today. She met with senior members of parliament and spoke about the bilateral alliance built from the Korean War in the 1950s. Pelosi avoided making comments about her trip to Taiwan earlier in the week, which angered China, Beijing fired 11 missiles into the sea around Taiwan today. Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones says he now understands he was irresponsible to declare the sandy hook elementary school massacre a hoax. Jones now says it was 100% real. They mistakes and it's been terrible for everybody involved. Including myself. And so I really do want to kind of change things hopefully be a more positive force when it comes to issues like mass shootings. The jury in Austin, Texas began to liberating yesterday on how much the InfoWars host owes the parents of one of the children killed in the 2012 attack in newtown, Connecticut. Testimony wrapped up after a bombshell from the plaintiff's lawyer revealed that Jones lawyers mistakenly handed over two years of text messages from Jones phone. Republican representative Jackie borsky of Indiana and two of her staffers died in a car accident yesterday. According to the Elkhart Lake count, Elkhart county sheriff's office, a car crossed into their lane and struck them head on. Jim Baird is a fellow House Republican from Indiana. Her straightforwardness and her honesty and she served on the athletes committee as well. So and also gives you some feel about the kind of person she was. Congresswoman was 58. The prosecutor in the WNBA star Brittany griner trial in Russia is calling for a 9 and a half year sentence on drug charges. She is accused of possession of a banned substance when authorities found vape cartridges with cannabis oil in her luggage as the last time grinder will testify in the last day of the trial. Live in the Bloomberg interactive broker studios. This is global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts and more than a 120 countries. I'm Michael Barr and this is Bloomberg tombo. I think so much. Michael Barr, I want to talk about the grandson of Walter O'Malley. In the nephew of the great Peter O'Malley, a guy who could have mailed it in, but Peter seidler didn't and in 2012, he bought a team flat on its back except for Tony Gwynn. Yeah. And he bought the Padres. And to me, it's almost NFL like what he's done. I mean, this is a Bloomberg business sports story. It's just going to keep on giving. What Peter's side has done with the Padres is historic. Am I right on that? You got to go back, let's be blunt to like back in 84 when the Padres were playing the tigers for battling for the World Series. They haven't been this relevant and a long, long. But this is like what crafted with a patriots or exactly. Right in my head right now, I don't have the high key analog, but it's extraordinary. I over a decade what this guy has done. We talk about it all the time in the mornings is that these kind of trades that take place now with the Padres, with now you've got, you know, I mean, it's amazing to me. Now we're gonna watch padre baseball like Tom dust. LA is supposed to have a gajillion dollars in razzle dazzle in the New York Yankees. I get it all. There's that small team up north of New England. It's a razzle dazzle there as well. San Diego? Yeah. It was like a minor league franchise. Yeah, no more. Peter seidler. I'll just talk about the Padres. Bloomberg business sports with Michael Barr, an extraordinary story. Futures red and green on the screen, please stay with us. This is Bloomberg,

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