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The Friday and Saturday nights, there's there's nothing to do, but people were doing the parties and stuff like that, and I really didn't want to go do that. So which start going to row blaze, which was the interval Jim at at Stanford and figured out how we could get in there and and Friday and Saturday night. Dave Feldman who's came a broadcaster Bill. Pedo also became a broadcaster, Nick Sahara's, and. And we ended up having a heck of a basketball team too because we weren't screwing around on weekends. We're, we were playing basketball with the with some of the college kids over at Stanford, but I was that was a great time I, that's that's one of those memorable times in my life. Getting the hang out with you and you are working every day and I was, I had a job. I was working at the pool. The Stanford pool had to be there like six in the morning and helping change the chlorine. I wasn't like a lifeguard or something. I was always in the bowels of the. Sniffen Clark, chlorine, the best, maybe the best week. And we had to fourth of July weekend and John McEnroe, and I think it was beyond board. We're all we watch Wimbledon for about four hours together Sunday morning. That was the greatest one of the greatest forty one of the longest matches in Wimbledon history. I bet it lasted six, eight hours having tiebreakers and macaroni. I think I can't remember who won, but it was. I think it was probably it was McEnroe, but they had a set of tiebreakers that that just kept going and going and going. And we made. We had to weed the chicken TV dinners with the French. I used to love those Swanson..

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