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X maximus renegade start soldier i i'm light it was happy hour happy hour i was also late because my drinking and mentioned it two zero applause rick sanchez tinker of terror man that's hard to say and marty right well yeah i never forget a kid but he save indicators let's make this three for three three for three it he say never forgets a kid gerry jackson real already gina marbury radio from how products 96 was just for itchy a quick memo on that if you think you're being clever by dressing up as reckon morty for halloween you're not now look sorry too many of them uh let's see you want the truth about pumpkin pie we are going to blow the lid off the big lump can pa one is the is nerve fever you wheat canned pumpkin pie filling as part of your pumpkin pie do probably not even pumpkin i don't think it is so the as we age laboured under no one on the the iowa by puree pumpkin and then make you know at ingredients to me eggs and stuff to male according to this bill and less it says it is pumpkin for sure the fda allows pumpkin pie feeling to be either of them can or squash there is there is pumpkin pie filling and then there's pureed pumpkin right so i remain a lib these makes both right so pumpkin pie filling know if you're like i'm just gonna scoop by by have squash in it well they say because the rash is cheaper to grow and tastes better most likely here even eating pumpkin pie that's quite that's that is why the revelation well it's it's it's it's time to to to come clean about something i think it's it's okay to come clean about this because the the restaurant has long since closed frontier price but no baba afghan bob afghan though he used to which i loved you liked his pumpkin and he had a dish that was that was pumpkin baby pumped baby pumpkin lewis cut in easily he'd marinade it and stuff and then the put stuff on top of it and it was delicious tasting you'd go of your for for the the buffet and it.

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