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Welcome back to handle on the law. David. Hello, David Europe. Welcome to handle on the law. Yes. Yes. Yes, I went to dentists months ago, and one of their Ben stoppers ripped of my bumper off, you know, with the the spill rebar, they told me you some from the local BodyShop, I did and I can call and leave. A message is trying to find out what's going on. I think I got two responses from Email. So I wanna know what I can do legally because I just haven't gotten an answer them. Do you owe him any money for the dental work? No cater all off. Small claims court and return your teeth. It's yeah, it's just a straight small-claims suit. How did there's nothing more to say he was negligent the rebar was sticking up. The defense is you should have seen it or whatever. But if it's his fault, if the parking lot is not maintained you probably have some some good arguments that you have a great argument there for sure. Curse. Hi, chris. Yes, Chris I'm gonna do for. Yes, sir. Hi question. So recently, my dad passed away in January at he didn't own the house. He was just a ten for about twenty five years and my mom's still living there. You didn't really leave anything behind beside tension, which is not enough to cover the rent and right now, I just wanted to know if it's possible, I get a lawyer, and if the judge will possibly give her more time to get out of the house because they don't really have. Well, okay. Let's start talking practicality here. The owner of the house is asking her mom to move cause. She's not making the payments or rent payments. Correct. Correct. Right. And judges nor or usually are not going to give her more time. It's either the eviction flies or doesn't fly. But practically speaking Chris is has she been served with an unlawful detain her. Yet. No, they haven't done anything before they even are they are they offered or dollars to out by how much of it. How much they offered eight hundred dollars very much. How much is the rent? Seventeen sixteen or seventeen hundred okay? Yeah. This is a tough one because they have every legal right to toss her out. I mean, there's no there's no way around that. She has no defenses. So I think she wants to delay the easiest way is you have to wait until the law suit for unlawful detainers hits. Okay. That's for starters. And when it does she may make a partial payment, and if a partial payment is accepted that holds off everything and they have start all over again. They may be sophisticated enough to know that. But if not so she'll get a notice a three day notice to pay rent or quit, then within five days. It'll be followed up by a lawsuit for unlawful detain her. If she answers that lawsuit then it becomes delayed. Maybe six weeks eight weeks, whatever to get into court now, she'll certainly lose. And at that point. She asks the judge I'm willing to can you ask for a couple of more months to move out. My husband just died. And and I don't even know if the judge has the authority to do that. But assuming he does she throws herself on the mercy of the court, and the court may very well, give her some additional time she'll owe the money, but the court will give her some additional time. So all you're doing is delaying it. So how much you want to delay it if you're lucky you can delay it a couple of months? Yeah. That's all we're looking for then. Then just go ahead and just start answering and throw the in there in answering the complaint, and you can go to there are all kinds of organizations out there that help elderly people. How old's your mom? Bush because fifty five she's not elderly. So she does not. Yeah. My mom's a hundred and five and she's elderly. Yeah. So it's you just figure out how to answer the complaint just go on the internet and start googling. All these words and could be done. I mean, people do this all the time. All right, Lance. Hi, lance. Yes. Sir. Trainer. Part question in Orange County and a trailer park. Okay. Question about trespassed. I understand that everything in here is considered private property. Yes. But each individual trailer space is I've been told by their managers may be may not be legal. But I've been giving me permission to go to the neighbor's house. It's abandoned to trap the feral cats and get them fixed until on all right now, the owner found out I'm doing that. And he says I'm trespassing. And he called the police the police say. They said, he's an idiot. Right. Exactly. And so now what? Well, what's your question? Cornered me. He snuck up on me one day and cornered me and started to get in my case. Then you call the police for assault. Right. Then you call the for. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Assault stalking. You immediately. Call the police. Because he called the police on me doesn't matter. The police are not gonna do anything. If he if you're gonna be fine. All right. You're I've gone. There you go. There's a call for you. See I wish I wish all the calls were like this. Hey, I call the police when the police say, he's an idiot. Okay. Thank you very much conversation over. Wow. All right. Talking about a problem that you may very well have and this is cyber criminals knowing how to go around and through normal security measures in order to get some very valuable information yours. So cyber threats are out there like crazy and your information can be stolen ways. You don't even know and then identity theft happens. And then you're in a world of hurt fraudulent tax returns credit purchases in your name where you get none of it except for the Bill. So let me.

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