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Like a lot of people I haven't really been talking about what happens after somebody passed as and I think that we are not given a lot of credit as humoral director than what's going on with the coronavirus I am oh boy am I glad you're on the line I'm sorry that that no series that is a very good question because how do you how do you handle that because now people can get together and you know what do you do when you can't hold the body forever anyway how you handle this online virtual body that would we've been trying very hard to encourage families to make arrangements yeah email I'll be back soon or over the phone and hopefully they can I either give us the paperwork that is necessary over email or fax or if they really need to know they can come in very quickly you need to sign everything and then give it to us that same day within like five to ten minutes we're not even sitting in an arrangement room that we typically use words doing something that's very open in like a foyer at the funeral home with shared that very far apart and we also very much encourage families to do anything quickly in terms of if it's a crummy channel will do a cremation for a family and then maybe we'll have a memorial service at a later date same thing with the burial if someone had burial that particular cemetery that they purchased many many year of the call will make sure to have those family and participate in the burial and then we'll have a service with lots of family and friends at a later date and that's also you know due in part to the CDC's recommendation of ten people at the maximum and that's including the funeral director who is a licensed professional who absolutely must be at the place of disposition whether that the cemetery crematorium thought around the body no not not including the I didn't have any answers yes let me as so when you so you're saying that basically you will do the you know you will do the burial you will do the cremation you know at the designated time with the family you know the small group of ten and then do another memorial at a later date when we could all come out again yes is that morale more expensive than it would have been had you done it all at once you know I'm I mean I I'm part of a lot of groups of funeral directors via social media I who have expressed that they are and this is not speaking for everybody so I'm just there are and the thousands of others but there are some funeral homes who will offer to do a memorial service at a later date at no charge or they will do thank you you know at at their normal cost at a later date and that is subject to the funeral home that the family is in a contractual obligation with that has something to do specifically with each funeral home individually but frankly I I think it's incredibly important in Italy right now is only allowing the funeral director one family member and a clergy member present at a burial and I think that that's the direction we're going in what's the name of the funeral home that you're talking about IE view I'm not going to say what you're on the radio you know now listen listen listen I'm gonna do this I'm gonna put you on I'm gonna put you on hold and if you want give Samir information and I will write a story for NJ one one five dot com based on how the funeral of service in New Jersey funeral industry is handling code nineteen is that right would you be up for that I would love that thank you you got it all done thanks for calling New Jersey won a one point five let's get Stacey is in Monroe township New Jersey what a point five hi Stacey Hey how you doing I'm reading I too am breathing let's do it together right now to take a deep breath one to three and we excel okay I have sailed away from the phone I hope you did too okay so my thing is exactly fifty weeks to this day right I don't I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm I'm sorry it was terrible it's been terrible thank you screw my whole life it has do not share now I had a at one love shared that with crayons craniotomy two months later that was clipped and I now have another one growing in my brain and I can't go to the hospital this C. and M. right because the covert patience now a priority yeah your relationship with your doctors we would have you young man you've been in a hospital right so I mean with that all right of Jews get you higher on the list you know being it would be easier for you to be able to maintain that I hope so but I don't know I don't know I don't know what I'm doing in my class right now and I'm terrified and I'm afraid if I walk into a hospital they're not going to see me even eight yeah that's that's the thing make sure that you I would say right now and you hang up with me call them and put your mind at ease you know you need peace of mind call make sure say look you know it is my situation your doctor knows your situation if you have anything that you know if anything happens that you need medical attention will you be able to get a bed in the hospital let them good beat but many I think it sure that they do it makes me nervous for other people that have other series games going on that I'm not going to be seen in the hospital again it's got to be I imagine case by case individual based on the doctor's opinion that's why anyone if you know anyone that has circumstances that has a situation call your doctor Stacey thanks for the call call your doctor or the hospital let them know what's going on your doctor does know what's going on and make sure that should anything happen god forbid arrangements are made I wanted to A. three one a one point five very educational Allan how we talked about the funeral service industry handling the handling corroded it what if you're sick what if you're already sick before you know with something other than corona Mickey hang out how long can we live on.

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