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The off season longtime cowboy fan since nineteen sixty eight old school grew up i'm alan used to watch joel name of train but i'm very excited about what's coming down for the whole league but especially the cowboys eagles just won the championship they're going to have a target giants will be back redskins are always a handful of the nfc has always been the tough division but i'm excited about my cowboys the scott hopefully good off season is ready i know the wide receivers everybody's questioning we picked up the guy from the rams that kick return wide receiver guy the unknowns are the x factor so i wanna see what your take is on i am so pumped can't wait thank you david bruce excuse me and man here's where here's where the football guy in me and say the guy who would run an organization in me clash the football guy in me loves guys like zeke elliot loves the high talent guys and dudes on the roster like that that are a little bit dangerous like david irving i mean that's two years in a row now the disguise going to serve a four game suspension and that's someone that you need on the field you need on the roster and that you need to produce i think they're offensive line is set i didn't like the contract is act martin but when you look at their roster and.

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