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Even as his character descends into madness. We talked to him about Paul politics and the presidency, and then we turn our attention to the Grammys. The duo Black Violin has been nominated for best contemporary instrumental album. We talk to them about the honor and about what contemporary instrumental Music is today, and you can join the conversation. Comment on our Facebook page or tweet us at one egg. Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Spear. Lead House impeachment manager Democrat Jamie Raskin grew emotional as he concluded the first round of arguments and former President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial. He reflected on the damage done when a mob stormed the U. S. Capitol. Have sort of a heart attack. Officer lost three fingers that day. Two officers have taken their own lives. Senators. This cannot They are future. Trump's defense lawyer, Bruce Castor, meanwhile, condemned the loss of life that day, but defended the rights of free political speech. I don't believe that the former president expects anybody. Walk back any of the language. If that's how they feel about the way things transpired over the last couple of years in this country, they should be allowed to say that and I will go to court and defend them if anything happens to them. As a result, the Senate voted the trial is constitutional testimony will continue this week. At NPR analysis of the more than 200 Capital Ride cases the Justice Department has brought thus far is turned up current and former military officers, extremists and hard core Trump supporters. One thing they had in common. They were all men. Dina Temple Raston. NPR's investigations team has more While the group is large is the one that's during the capital defies generalization and NPR analysis of the records collected on the more than 200 people charged so far has found some common threats. For example, more than 86% of the people who were charged. Are men, almost 15% or either current or former military and about 17% haven't avowed connection to an extremist group. Michael Kimmel wrote a book about what drives angry white men to violence. They grew up believing that if they worked hard paid their taxes were good guys that they would be able to live the lives that their grandfathers lived. Kimmel says that when that doesn't happen, a kind of aggrieved entitlement takes hold and that can lead to violence. Dina TEMPLE Reston. NPR News President Joe Biden's choice to head the Office of Management and Budget says while the U. S needs to keep a close eye on inflationary pressures, the Federal Reserve has the tools to deal with inflation and interest rates. You're a Tandon. President binds choice to be budget director Asked by lawmakers about concerns proposed $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief measure might touch off inflation and then saying the aid package is vital, providing help for families suffering as a result of the pandemic. US employers reined in their hiring in December, especially industries hard hit by the Corona virus pandemic, like restaurants and hotels. Every department reporting today its monthly job openings and labor turnover survey otherwise known his jolts showed the number of jobs rose, but just slightly. Mixed close on Wall Street, The Dow was down nine points. The NASDAQ closed up 20 points. Today. You're listening to NPR and from KPCC News on Nick Roman, with stories were covering at 704. The city of San Francisco sued the city school district last week to force it to bring kids back into classrooms. L a City Councilman Joe Bousquet know wants Los Angeles to follow San Francisco's lead. And Sue L, a unifying to get schools open during the pandemic, But KPCC is Caroline chaplain says the city attorney is not on board. During today's meeting, Council member Jo Buu Scardino introduced a motion asking the city attorney to report on possible legal options to take against L. A USD boost. Guaino wants to sue the district. I'm not going to stop fighting on behalf of our struggling students until we reopen our schools here in Los Angeles l. A. USD strongly lashed out last week after Busta, you know, first proposed the lawsuit and, according to his spokesperson, City attorney Mike Fewer, doesn't want to sue. In statements released today. Fewer whose father was a public school teacher, said he understands the urgency of getting kids back in schools, but called a lawsuit to adversarial. At this point, l. A county is still above the state coronavirus case, rightto legally reopened public schools except for some specialized services. I'm Caroline Champlin. Today's coronavirus numbers, the our rate. That's how many people someone with covert 19 will, in fact, If the numbers below one. It means cases they're going down Riverside County BR Rate 10.76 L A and San Bernadino counties 0.73 Orange County, and this is important 0.69,.

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