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Realize he had in terms of occasionally coming up with some incredible shot making and little flick lab at one point and sprinting down every ball. And he was everywhere. And it made me think, well, maybe he's maybe rude better than baritone and I probably would have thought baritone who was better than rude. But he was so everywhere, he made baritone he looked slow and lumbering and heavy leg, didn't he? And I'm sure that the tightness and the nerves and freezing was a big part of that. I think baritone is quicker than he was today. And the opportunity might have paralyzed him. That's a possibility. That sounds very dramatic, but lucky was winning, he won two of the first 13 games of the match. It's just not good enough. And look. This quote from me in a couple of quotes from his press conference today. He said, I think he had the best start possible and I helped him. And then he later on he's asked about what happened because referencing back to that mental approach that he wasn't happy with in the previous round against davidovich for cleaner. He said, my game was okay, but mentally I just wasn't into the match at the start. He says here, I don't know what happened today. I'm going to let it pass for a few days and then I'm going to think about what happened. Now it's too soon, but something happened and I'm really not happy about it. And I think what we've what I do trust is that he, I like the fact that already he's owning that and he's going to go away and always think back to his lockdown Instagram Live would Chris Evert of all people where he just you know because that had his ex-girlfriend in it and but you know he was so candid about how he wanted to work on his game. How aware of his weaknesses he was and he will go back and study and figure this out whether he can overcome it is another matter. It's a massive opportunity that he's let slip. I do think it changes the way I feel about him for now. But he can turn it around. Yes, because for now it's a slightly anomalous data point, isn't it? So it's like, okay, let's but we will have it in mind. Absolutely. Next time he's a reference point. But I agree, I love the way he's owned it, and I think that's what's really likeable about him in particular is very self aware what about Casper Ruud and I went in his press conference afterwards. And he was interested in talking about his dad and how their relationship works and they don't get tired of

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