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There's a lot of people like this and it's good. I was getting prices. And he stops and looks at me and goes Hayes paula abdul and your shirt. And i was like yeah it is and i felt so cool because i had like my little bob dole shirt and cropped it and i was like. Yeah it's pala. And i was expecting it'd be like oh cool and he goes. Oh yeah. I think my mom likes her. Wow the was like my parents when they used to listen to the eagles. And i'd be like oh. My parents likes the eagles and everyone from generation was like bomber also. He's not wrong. I mean how old is he. I have no idea. But i mean how young is the mom. How young and hippopotamuses mambi. You know he's so he's like. Is that bob dole on your shirt paul around for a long time i mean so she could held pala sixty something. Yeah i think ageless in my eyes. But yeah ageless shoes during a tick. Tock tense the other day on my instagram search page. And she was working it. How anger you that. No one has asked me to do the dance of paula. She's all these influencers and no one's like what that are dancing to do a straight up. Now tell me talk but anyway live your life ball. She so she's doing that song of the bunch of different celebrities. That must have what. I saw Rudin one chelsea one day all right well coming up we have our friend. Kerr shells here back by popular demand. So you know we love hyundai and have been working with them for months and then i went out and got the hyundai kona. But i'm here today. To tell you about the tucson the tucson is a little bit bigger it comes in the gas version. My chona's of course the all electric version every inch of is this. Suv has been reimagined. It has so many innovations. And i wanna tell you about two that i love so much number one the cooling seats. I've never had a car that had an air conditioned seat before it is game changer. For like your lower back but sweat in the summer in fricken credible and also the safety features when you're changing lanes. It has this lane assist where it will tell you. If something's in your blind spot is a real game changer you guys. I feel so safe in my hyundai and i just love it so much so go check out the new hyundai tucson and learn more at hyundai dot com love. You love me so at this moment. I am sporting pair of gold hoops that i have found to be my favorite hoops. I've ever had.

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