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His AP News. I'm reading When Will there be a vaccine for Covad, 19. There's some excitement about an experimental vaccine that scientists at Oxford University in England say has produced an immune response in hundreds of people who got the shot. Dr. Adrian Hill, the director of the gender instituted, Oxford says half of the 1000 subjects were inoculated with the vaccine and we're seeing Good immune responses in almost everybody. Larger trials are underway in the UK, South Africa and Brazil. Even larger one starts soon in the U. S. I'm to McGuire the US has seen more corona virus infections and more deaths than any other country, almost 141,000 deaths now, according to Johns Hopkins University, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly says there's a surge of new cases in her state in the Kansas City Metro area. We've broken a record That should worry every single one of us. The largest single day increase in covert 19 infections. Since the beginning of the pandemic. Governor Kelly has now issued an order requiring masks in daily temperature checks in the K through 12 schools in Kansas across the country, many schools will not fully reopened soon. Businesses are shutting down again in many places and jobs are disappearing. Congress is trying to come up with another aid package for Americans in San Francisco and Chicago. They're putting new precautions into place to fight the virus. They've been weeks of protests in Portland, Oregon, President Trump sent in federal agents to protect federal property, he said. But state and local authorities who didn't ask for federal help, are waiting now for a ruling. In a lawsuit filed late last week. Now President Trump reportedly plans to send 150 federal agents to another city. Chicago. This is AP News. Another delay for Hollywood getting hit movies back into the theaters way all believe with run. Like many other things that were expecting to make a big return this summer. The movies are backing away from those plans to Warner Brothers has decided to pull Christopher Nolan's tenant because of the current virus pandemic. The movie's most recent release date was August 12. But that is not happening now is the spread of the virus shows no signs of slowing down on The three other dates, however, this time Warner did not announce a new target date for the $200 million movie Hollywood have been banking on the launch of tenants to herald the return of the movie going experience in this country. Theaters have been virtually shuttered since the Cove in 19 crisis took hold with those that are open playing either older films or the odd, smaller new release. I'm Oscar Wells, Gabriel. And I'm.

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