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All these bigots and hypocrites that believe in the false allegations they should smarten up. I don't know what we're trump did to them there that was so wrong. For me. I think he's a hell of a guy and he's the best. Well, so you're not by you? Not by in this story, anything Mama, Look, why doesn't he bring the accuses forward like in a court of law? You gotta face your accuser and you can't talk about anybody on the radiated to defend themselves. You know people are bunch of Mama. Luke is like the Italian general. What can you give me the interpretation? Hold on, Lucille. I'd like to know what a mama Luka is. As long as I said on the radio. Careful. What's a mama Luka? Like I like a stupid person, like like the mature gonna now is Wasik. Mama. Luke, I assume is Italian, right? Yeah, Yeah, that's Italian. Okay. What a machine That knows me like nobody. What's that? I know the beautiful Marie. So Bodie and I told Joe wants it awake all this so I may go blow some Isis behind every man to do a good woman. Marie, When I see you in the end, you know? Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Lucy. Bodies are a great friend of mine, You know? And a friend of mine fiancee is the best friend. I have the Silver Glade. And his beautiful wife passed away. I was a dark man, You know, she wrote a book on photography off. She's a grateful he gave Lucy a copy of the book that time Great photographer and there's no one better than No one dad burned as well. Let's here we have some great mutual friends. I'm surprised we haven't You know, tripped over one another in our social circles. Okay, I hope to sink to meet your son. I love you. Make what? Keep it times around You. Thank you so much. And be good to yourself. Thank you. I really appreciate it. Thanks. Tonight, Okay, We're gonna go next. Let's get okay. John in Boston. Why not? Hey, John, You're up here. Next tonight. Side on the rink. Central. Nice. I call the line, John. Thanks. Ken didn't just want to say I was in Normandy last year. The 70 75th anniversary. I've known World War two veterans. My whole life actually visited the grave of a friend of mine who passed away there and his friends at the cemetery. So, um I get a little annoyed at this kind of response against President Trump is I saw him there. Not personally, but I saw that he was there and a great job. Honey did displaying Ah Ah presence there and I remember the Obama administration, Obama and Biden administration when they let 1000 veterans die in appointments. From from lack of theirs should be 1000 metres in the hospital because they couldn't get their appointments on time. I think of of ah, with the Benghazi episode when they could have finished a C 1 30 gunship to protect it. So he has. Suddenly they have the moral high ground and they're attacking President Trump who's built the military up, which was left in shambles by the Obama Biden administrator needed Pasir force needed parts for their for their planes for the Jets, the Navy's deprived So now I don't remember. I do remember some of your programs. They're talking about the treatment. The vets. I don't remember that nonstop news press talking about how the vectors died. The hospital's how our military is depleted. And so now, here we are today. We're dealing with China is a military threat against us. Would President Trump has built up the military and help the veterans as allowed them to go? A different hospitals, not just V. A hospitals, and none of this person comes out of the woodwork and just kind of brings his charges against President Trump. It's just one more thing. It's just one more thing next week will be saying is President Trump details of gorilla? I mean, what's the next thing coming down, Pike? Well, I don't wait to see by the way when you mentioned when you mention Benghazi. I just want to mention that we We lost four American heroes. There's including the ambassador, but also young guy named Glen Doherty. From AD Winchester, Massachusetts, and I got to know his family. Pretty well. In particular. His mom on came from a wonderful family and a real kick in all the World War. Two vet that I have met were in favor of President Trump. We're talking about guys that jumped into Normandy on D Day. Right. And power troop is that I've met. I've met the Flying Tigers, The Indianapolis the gentlemen are the soldiers, the Navy seals or on the USS Indianapolis. So President Trump has done more to protect our kind of build on military up, so I really Just look at look at the deed to get the words. The actions speak louder than words. I would agree with you on that, and I also would like to think that some of the mainstream media Could display Ah ah little skepticism. Azad put because the stories the way they're written there written very cleverly, you know, and You know another bombshell allegation, and the average person is kind of not paying attention. They don't understand that a bombshell allegation is just that that we look at this some miles the same sub dad, so I'm with you, John. But again, you've heard some different viewpoints tonight. And I hope to hear some more appreciate You called John talks Big. Thanks very much. All right, all of a sudden our lines. We got open lines. Which to me? Is this stunning Because the lines have been packed 617 to 5 for 10 30, Triple eight. 9 to 9 10 30. The question Israel Simple If you're familiar with the Atlantic monthly story that appeared Thiss week or whether I believe it actually hit the the Internet yesterday. I think Atlantic is now. No, it's no longer a a magazine. You're holding your hands. It's it's It's a Web magazine. And it's basically written by a guy named Jeffrey Goldberg Trump Americans of Dinah World War losers and suckers. That's That's the quotes attributed to President Trump by anonymous sources. Well, the question is, Do you believe the author? Or Do you believe the president who has denied Uh, these are these allegations emphatically 617 to 5 for 10 30 Tripoli. 9 to 9 10. 30 phones lighten up again. Dial away. We'll get you on. I promised coming back after this night side with.

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