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Barrel thompson israel timer. Lv all his for This is john wall wishing you all a happy weekend and inviting you back with us. Monday when an old schoolmate passing through west vista looks up. Mr mcgee somewhat to favors discuss this year the year favor and molly what the pair. Don't you know february tenth. Nineteen fifty-six They're run on. Nbc as a regular daily series would come to a conclusion after a while buzzer. Almost twenty years on the radio. they would go to appearances on. Nbc's weekend monitor program until molly's passing of cancer bigger mcgee and molly a great part of classic radio. Hope you'll take the moment to contact Or visit our web page. That's where he wants you to do. Visit our web page. Classic radio dot stream that is classic. Radio dot stream there you can. Stream are classic radio theater programs learn more about classic radio collecting and contact me their classic radio dot stream. And just so you know. Our programs are available anywhere on the internet that they serve podcast apple podcasts. Google podcasts spotify spreaker iheart radio or tune in all you have to do is search for u. s. a classic radio theater. That's usa classic radio theatre. Thanks much for tuning in. i'm white sox. Would you do us a favor. Support free radio by thanking this radio station and supporting the advertisers and most importantly tell your friends. The great radio shows her back.

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