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Hey welcome back. It's sports overnight. America you know what we are been here. So how many years right here on this network show heard by everybody serious to seventeen. Xm two three. All the radio stations across america including cats. Hp fourteen hundred in las vegas so a few weeks ago. We talked to Alex crayons auctions of champions and oxygen of champions dot kau. Now he's gotta get in front of all the people watching on youtube and facebook and trying to talk about all the collectibles that are being Bittered on on auctions of champions dot com and some of them are sports cards baseball cards football cards basketball cards. That's my life that was my life was a little kid. My dad did the same thing so I used to have a great collection. But of course is everybody tells you so true. I flipped him and there goes from ten to a two and we had a couple of water heater explosions. And then we of course we had a two kids who actually transport them and lied to me and said he lost a whole box of them. So i don't have what i had. However we got michael rubin right here. Oxygen champions dot com who knows more about cars. Almost anybody and michael welcome to the show feel much for having me gotta be a a working for oxygen of champions because certainly now i mean the industry is just going through the roof. You think it's the pandemic people are staying home exactly. Why would the five point. Two million dollars be paid for the mickey mantel. Fifty two cards at three point. Nine and the michael trot which is even crazier because it's ten years old. What's happening in the industry. Why is it going through the roof. But i think the pandemic had a lot to do with it you. You're sitting around at home your your plan on ebay and you don't have games to lots so if you're if you're wanting to To stay involved in sports cards where a really great way to get into it. And then when everybody started buying up and and paces started moving it. They've everybody else gonna realize how much excitement is in the scale that we've been known for quite a few years now you know last week Two weeks ago in the latest edition of sports collectors digest to cover says forgery. I know the folks at ochsner champions dot com doubles and triples in quadruple checks making sure. They aren't forgery. Because my story is a few years ago. I bought some cards and they told me they were real. I find out they were reprints but How do you guys check. How do you guys double check and make sure when guys bid on cards They're the real thing we We try our best to make sure that we're getting graded cards. And so we make sure that there is a a third party authenticator. Pretty great comes in and double. Check the corre but I've been looking at At cards my whole life. And so i'll go a warehouse and a if it's a car that you know has been on hasim copied quite a few times like that eighty six jordan. I've learned over the years some of the things to look for. If it's a if it's a photocopy of urban the real deal we've also been known to to send cards into third party authenticator. When when we've had questions about some of the cards kale let me ask you a question again. I've been involved in night as not never sold any I bought a few years ago. But i basically had my dad's collection the my collection i'd says indicated got about a third of what i used to have but my question is always been why would i. Let's say a top rookie card of any anybody can think about. Be worth more than. Let's say. a bowman of the fifties at air. Let's say i have a couple of jim. Brown's nineteen fifty-eight rookie cards. All right there tops. Now i guarantee you. I've looked at google so they're worth a lot. If i think eight or nine so i appreciate a lot of money but bowman of that same year. I'm sure put out a jim brown card. Why would that be worth less. Well there's a lot of factors They go into that I i is is always going to be the deal. Maintain fifty five And nineteen fifty five and a great example and the baseball out. I personally i've always liked the nineteen fifty five. That's the kind of looks like you're on. Tv yeah yes i have a few yes and that and the fifty five times for me i it's a it's a pretty straightforward land. Look but for whatever reason collectors have decided that bats the the look that they appreciate In the modern day To in baseball the to pinnacles are either that what we call the tops flagship and lake you've worked in and then when i was young bat that normal talks that that's the to have the rookie but now we've got the prospects and you want to have the bowman chrome prospect of those cards i appeal. It's tradition sometimes with the classics. It's how ease of the quality of the The card stock and the thing that it was on nineteen seventy-one pops for example with those black border. It was hard to get a car and good grades. So if you do have the thurman munson second year card in good shape it goes for a lot more money than the thurman munson rookie in good shape because if on that black border set condition condition condition. Houses are location location location. So it's not the number that were distributed. It's not the fact that maybe tops me. Ten million in bowman may five million. It's the look of the car. Well and scarcity is definitely part of it. But i think for a lot of collector it's going to be The luck you know what. What car do you wanna have displayed in an in your house card you want have up on your mantle You make a decision especially with those those all their cards. You might not be able to get that five point two million dollar mickey mantle. If you wanna get one mickey me which which is the prettiest looking one that you wanna have any bad drive A lot of collectors. I had the fifty seven. I don't have it now. That's the prettiest to me. What's the prettiest to you. go back. And forth between the fifty three and the that. Look the painting or the fifty six where he's jumping out in the crowd. Hey we're talking to michael rubin of auction of champions dot com oxygen of champions dot com folks uh youth. It's very simple to get an ox champions dot com. I managed together. And i'm going to computer radiate. Michael was very simple to Join in and look at alex krantz talking about all the articles all the collectibles that have people bidding on. How easy is it. yeah You go to auction champions dot com and There's the option to registered a bit. You put in your information and there you go you could start up and and seeing all the cards that we have for sale And start getting away. We've got right now One of the things. That's nice is no matter when you were a kid. What what team you follow. When you're a kid we got all those Those guys up there may not. I'm looking right now. We've got everybody from mattingly to glacier torres on our first page calorie rookie up there so few weeks ago. I think you guys gave away and then talking about for nothing folks. Free freeze good..

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