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Capital providing independent investment advisory now here is GKB capital portfolio manager Craig vocals according to Johns Hopkins the five day moving average daily new confirm coronavirus cases in the ten most affected countries continues to decline in the U. S. which remains by far the hardest hit the average has trended down from approximately thirty thousand new cases a day to twenty thousand a day so far the relaxing of restrictions has not reduced the second wave of infection that many had predicted for the stock markets the continued restart of the economy massive government stimulus and a possible calming of recent protests have propelled the markets higher the Dow Jones industrial average gained five hundred and twenty seven points to close at twenty six thousand two hundred and seventy this has been the G. K. V. capital closing bell update presented by G. K. V. capital management to learn more about how GKB capital can help you with actively manage your financial portfolio busy GGV capital dot com McAfee has no filter J. J. J. and you won't hear anywhere else from current players he's he's only saying this because of the last dancing the Michael Jordan would have been a great MLB player thank you for the multi sport those writers are wrong I think will Braun was just listen and subscribe to the official to point.

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