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Welcome to the podcast number nine sixty two hey i had mentioned this couple of days ago but just wanna keep keep spouting it out there that i'm gonna be in seattle performing at the neptune in october on the twenty six that's a friday that has halloween weekend i wanna do some kind of halloween thing because that's that's the weekend you'd be celebrating your halloween so come partially celebrate with me at the shows so come we'll do some maybe some light halloween costume contest and maybe give away candy package candy no razor blades with apples today never happened anyone i don't think anyone ever actually got an apple with a razor blade in such a weird thing parents warned us about when i was a kid like that and how playing a record backwards would had demonic messages by the way we've really lost the art of backward masking on albums that's the one thing that the digital music revolution is killed although i'm sure there's a way that we can still backward mask with our with our digital tracks let's get on that demon it's i'm probably saying this because in the background night now on mute soup supernatural so i've put supernatural on mute to record this intro so maybe i'm a demon hunter or maybe i'm a demon who knows only salmon dino but get tickets at ticketmaster dot com and just put my name in there and come to the show this episode is gillian jacobs who by the way will wheaton it pronounces the g the correct way hard g no shade to any soft g jillions out there who like my sisterinlaw who's jillian but but gillian hard g want to drive it home for the wheaton all right hard g gillian soft jay jacobs all right good gillian who is an amazing performer and brilliant comedy minds is promoting her new net film ibi which is how they said overseas hey maybe maybe.

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