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Ravens <music> indeed that shoddy gave us here with a lot of things. I was able to learn once again like so often when i do those interviews every time. I hope that you have it just as much fun listening as i do win making these shows and if so i'm sure you enjoyed. Thanks thanks again shawny well. This spring says three end of today's episode which was episode six in season three. Thanks for coming by and being with us. I hope you didn't mind too little problems in sound quality we had today it will be bedridden next time our next regular episode. We'll bring a guest from very far away from most of us but we rather well known among those of you who are interested in her medics and alchemy. He goes by the name of ruben fetal cell flurry and he is based in new zealand. He is one of the most interesting and serious practitioners that i i know about and his youtube channel is extremely fascinating. You are certainly going to enjoy this the guest of episode eight well as i said he or she will only be revealed to patrons of the thoughts hermes podcast i i but you all will hear it name at the end of our next show and there will also be a new experience episodes episode two between regular episode seven date so plenty of things to look forward to and plenty of pleasant work for me for today. I'm thanking you again for being my audience and always numerous when we meet have have a good time until our next episode take care state.

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