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13 trying to Cleveland. First down Well, three receivers to the right one to the left. Back in the backfield. Baker Mayfield comes back. It's just a bunch formation and Austin Hooper. He initially acts like he's gonna block and then he late releases to the flat. So of course, the defense of players are gonna fall up field with a third intent cover and all of a sudden they leave Hooper lose. Easy completion turn up, He'll get the first down. Shut back in first in Jane Cleveland, the chief's 30 to their first possession two tight ends. Mayfield under Senate looks up at the clock rearranges. His tied in gets the snap spins right hand dropped, shove over the left tackle. Gotta block He's at the 30. He's inside the numbers and tumbles ahead, angling to the near side of the 26 yard line on the grass in front of the chief's pinch. Kansas City. 26 is where Cleveland is right now. Well, the Browns in this series have used a lot of too tight end and three tight end personnel groups, and they haven't gone out to the spread that most of the time they have a back in the backfield, if not a back and a tight end in the backfield. So they're keeping everything tight in there, and they're utilizing not only the run, but the play action off of that past. Second down four, Janet, It's the full back in for the first time. Offset I'm a field under center. Kansas City 26. 2nd down four gets the snap Three man Rush and off. Chuck got a block from Janet, but stops tries to dig his way Cannot. He tried the battering ram his way over that right tack when nothing was there. Would stop on the play by two Sean Morton News, a rookie free agent on that Kansas City line. They stayed at the chief's 26. On that time, the Chiefs had eight defenders all within five yards of the line of scrimmage. I was surprised Baker Mayfield didn't try checking out of it. Instead, he stuck with the run running over to that right side. And as you said, Kevin, that defense just collapsed around nowhere for him to go. Karim Hunt has come back in the game four wide All Mayfield is in the gun third down and four from the Kansas City 26 by himself in the gun, right foot head of his lip gets the shotgun snap gets a block once himself for 30 Far side 25 got the first down on the far sideline is he works his way into the grasp of Anthony Hitchens and gets the first down to the Kansas City 20. Looking run. The quarterback takes it himself, Trent and picks up six with the clock in 5.5 and ticking in the first Chiefs on top six. Nothing Kevin. I loved the play called. They went empty backfield. They motion as you said Karim Hunt from the backfield all the way to the outside left that gave an indicator Chiefs had 10 defenders within five yards of the line of scrimmage. Higgins to the outside the receiver, he cracks back on Frank Clark and seals that write it as Baker Mayfield does the quarterback sweep around the right in for the first down. 20 of Kansas City first intend for Cleveland Mayfield in the gun, fix the hand off and get a jet sweep past running in front of them with Landry, the wide receiver. The.

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