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So you guys usually at this point we would have a Breaking News segment, but there's really so I mean, it's not like a lot like we usually have a lot of breaking news, but we only have really one thing but this one thing has like what I three or four other things under it that contribute to this one huge thing. And this is what we're going to be talking about today. Now if you've been on if you've been on YouTube, if you've been following Formula One on Instagram, if you follow Alpha thoughts on Instagram, if you follow the Honda Formula One manufacturing on any social media platform, if you've been keeping up with your Formula One. You know what I'm about to say and it's wage buzzing. I mean buzzing around formalin World ladies and gentlemen. Yes Honda is to leave Formula One after 20 21 There you go. That's it now. For those of you that are like, why is that so huge? Well, I guess to put this in simpler terms. Have you heard of the formula one team Red Bull or home tour Russell or Al fatah right now called off Atari? Yeah Honda supplies their engines. So now we're going to think about why is this happening? And well, that's we're going to get into right now, but I just wanted to resonate that with you guys real quick. Honda is to leave Formula One after 20 21 off mind you that Hannah really? I mean, honestly, they really are kind of young in the Formula One industry. Really, they really are. You know, I mean like Mercedes has been in there for a good a good amount of time Ferraris been there since man since the start of sport Reynolds been in there, I mean decades and ages, you know, so Reynolds Reynolds Reynolds knows they're you know, they know what they're doing for Artie said Ferrari, you know, and and then after that you have bought a Honda so so really the the all the all the manufacturing power unit suppliers. These are all the power unit suppliers and formula one right now. that is Honda Mercedes Ferrari and Reynolds as as you know, Reynolds is to change into the Alpine Formula One team, and I you know, you know coming this next season, but let's get into what this Honda news really really means and I get if you're sitting here and you're like why is Honda leaving? And when I first heard about this I said, okay. I didn't really know why either and and this is really something that if you don't do your research you will never find the answer write if off either one if you are not in if you are not like deep in the Formula One, like if you are not doing your research, if you are not watching shows listening to Formula One podcast like velocity racing broadcast, but if you.

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