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That Rodney Dangerfield would get some respect from his first movie. 40 years later, we'll check that after traffic and weather at 11 22 and Kyrie Moses, I'm going to make a confession. I did not. Listen this morning. And I was coming into work. And I crossed Hello it men. And I got hit by not good down in construction. Tell people about that, please. Yeah, and it's typically the eastbound side. Like you said this weekend. It is the westbound side that is closed from university up to the Vine Expressway. So that is really backing things up, and it's catching people off guard like it did David because usually it is the eastbound side that has shut down, but that is not the case. This weekend's over heading eastbound Really not seeing any major delays right now, but slow heading towards the Conshohocken curve. But that is about it by an expressway. A bit sluggish from brought out to the Scougall on the westbound side. 95 is okay, but a serious problem Now in the Northeast extension, this is South bound is a serious accident about three miles north of the Quakertown. Exiting. You've got about five miles of heavy traffic. It's a crash in the left lane, and it's basically a parking lot right now South on the Northeast extension, So you want to stick with 309 heading south of Allentown. You do not want to sit in that delay for 22 West That's a bit slow near Limerick due to construction and no issues right now in any of your area bridges but in New Jersey, were still jammed up south on the 42 Freeway from 55 down to the approach of ex today for Blackwood, Clement in road and earlier crash there, we're hearing it's out. Away. But again, we're still seeing a massive backup even slow on the north bound side as people take a look at what's going on there and accept eight in less than 10 minutes and Kyrie Moses in the K y w 24 hour traffic center take checked on NBC 11th alert weather for the rest of the weekend. Skies are going to continue to clear up his. We go through the afternoon and As.

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