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Two members of Franco's family attended the private exclamation and broke his remains were waiting helicopter they would also loan to drape a coffin in the Spanish flag for Morton Spain is very publicly disowning Franco's legacy Franco's remains of lane of the valley of the fallen outside Madrid since he died in nineteen seventy five last year the country's socialist government ordered that he be removed from public veneration Franco loyalists who believe he rescued Spain from communism accused the government of rewriting history for political gain the European Parliament has awarded the Sakharov prize for freedom of thought to jailed weaker human rights defender in toasty the parliament said the week of people had been subjected to unparalleled repression by the Chinese government from Brussels his Kevin Connolly the European Parliament Sakharov prize was created to wanna defenders of human rights and freedom of thought the hand talk to use a university lecturer and blogger who was trying to defend the rights of the Uighur minority in China he was jailed for life five years ago when a charge of separatism that is supporting regional autonomy for the week good people his trial was widely criticized in the west he was denied access to his lawyers who said they were not allowed to see the Chinese states alleged evidence against him India and Pakistan have signed an agreement that will allow Indian pilgrims to visit one of the holiest Sikh shrines in pockets stahn without a visa the good one a double so he is located about four kilometers from the border with India such cooperation between the two arch rivals his wrath and comes at a time of heightened tensions if a Denny's decision to revoke the special status of the Kashmir region new college will be inaugurated not enough amber world news from the BBC this is WNYC in New York I'm David first two allies of Rudy guiliani have pleaded not guilty in a Manhattan courtroom on charges they violated federal election laws W. N. Y. C.'s ilia merits reports the men also work with Giuliani to try to get you crane to intervene in the twenty twenty U. S. presidential contest according to the indictment left harness and Igor freemen engaged in illegal schemes around the twenty eighteen elections including making straw donor contributions on behalf of a Russian businessman prosecutors say one of their goals was to get the US ambassador to Ukraine removed from office this year Maria Evanovich was recalled from her posting in Kiev two months ahead of schedule partisan for men were arrested earlier this month as they attempted to fly out of the country with one way tickets before their arrest the men were subpoenaed as part of the house impeachment inquiry into alleged attempts by president trump and his associates to leverage US foreign policy for trump's benefit in twenty twenty the City University of New York has reached a tentative contract with its faculty union and for the first time it covers part time adjunct instructors the union says the five year deal gives raises to all faculty members and restructures the.

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